gym. rehab.

So, in my absence, Skybil joined.. the GYM?!?! Clearly, this has been a hard time for her.


3 Responses to gym. rehab.

  1. Skybil says:

    It HAS been a hard time!!! I am running on a treadmill, for chirst’s sakes. Instead of feeling fit tho, it has made me cranky. No Dana and it take three hours of running to burn off just ONE of the donuts I eat everyday. Things have gone horribly wrong. Boyfriend would like you to return so I will be happy again.

  2. You better not photograph me in the lockerrom says:

    Um, in the men’s locker room we are not allowed to take photos. But if you’re gonna, you know that blonde that does the elliptical each day ….

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