orient. me.

Survived Day One of Orientation. Not sure if I officially become a BC Eagle today or when I actually pay the tuition bill.

Day Two: Thompson Island for Outward Bound stuff. Here’s to hoping for no lame trust-falls and all those team building exercises.

Say hello to my new junker — bought a bike for commuting around the area.  Cause I obviously wouldn’t ride around the Butterstick and ask for it to be stolen.


4 Responses to orient. me.

  1. Wes says:

    The last bike I owned was a Diamondback Hybrid. Someone stole it off my porch. You didn’t happen to buy yours from a shifty pawn shop did you?

  2. dp says:

    no, i had my heart set on that yellow commuter bike you stole/neglected to return.

  3. Wes says:

    You are legally allowed to steal something if you had an item of equal or lesser value taken from you.

  4. dpnation says:

    i hope this rule somehow applies to business school. i’m sure it would come in handy.

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