What better way to spend time at 230am than having ridiculous conversations with J?

On invention:
J: My little Dana is a star.
J: I feel like an East German sports coach.
J: I have made a creation.
J: And it is remarkable.

On leisure:
J: Worry about golf second year.

On academic standards:
SPOON10: OH, i get to drop econ!!
J: How did that happen?
J: What kind of pussy school did you go to?

On how not to get a job:
J: If you make me a brochure, I’m going to kill you.

On career services:
J: What are other possible careers?
J: Besides the future Mrs. [edit]?

On Skybil:
J:: And I don’t talk to Cybil anymore.
J: Tell her to fix that.


2 Responses to j-versations

  1. Skybil says:

    J needs to send me some nike swag!!! Doesn’t he understand that?? Esp. now that I am suddenly a total gym rat. ( — hysterical laughter here –)

  2. dp says:

    now skybil, if you’re gonna lie, you should at least come up with one that is at least remotely believable. didn’t you learn anything in journalism?

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