diary of skybil

As you are aware, Skybil enjoys writing on her blog, mostly because it’s about me. I mean, can you blame her?

The Bad Decisions

Ann Arbor a Whore
Current mood: MSUie

Ah yes. It that that very very special time of the year when you walk into a sports bar and order your breakfast of coffee and bloody marys and then switch to beer and wings once you’ve polished that off.

Yep, college football is here. Time to invest in a brand new Michigan State shirt. But more importantly, I need to find an IS. And this just makes me miss our dear Danahead. She gave me the gift that just keeps on giving: An offensive sports t-shirt to wear all seaon long. The trouble IS I thought it would be a great idea to put my “Ann Arbor is a Whore. Go State!” t-shirt in the dryer and the IS fell off.

Where IS Dana when I need her? I need an IS. Elsewise, the University of Michigan statement simply confuses people instead of making them angry.

GO STATE. And how happy am I about that first UM loss??!!! Very!



2 Responses to diary of skybil

  1. skybil quote says:

    My, how her mood changes..

    “I hate to tell you this, but Rachel may be trying to kill me. If I disappear or cannot move my legs after her grueling 45 minutes on the tread mill, please alert the authorities!!”

  2. CP quote says:

    cybil is awesome.

    why? because she hates umich too! i love msu!

    i want an ann arbor is a whore t-shirt. brilliant.

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