On my departure:
Skybil:Yesterday when there was a meeting for new [promoted worker], someone backed into the Danahead Story Tracker
Skybil:It made this huge rukus
Skybil:It was just like you were here

On relationships:
Skybil: Oh, [boyfriend] said you need to come back
DP: are you still cranky?
Skybil: YES! He’s been sick so I’ve been making up new dances to cheer him up
Skybil: I even worked in a split leap!! He was unimpressed.
Skybil: He just says, Yeah, Dana needs to come back

On dance partners:
DP: maybe [nameless coworker] will dance with you?
Skybil: I’ve even asked her
Skybil: I was like, we need to create a dance about this feature series!!
Skybil: She thought I was joking, so I had to play it off

On geography:
Skybil: Yeah, things are so bad without you, rach is in the artic circle

On anger management:
Skybil: So [another nameless coworker] was giving away 4 Braves tickets to the first person who responded to his email and … I WON! So, [dp’s former boss] walks by and asks how I’m going to make three friends by 7pm.
Skybil: And then I smacked him.


One Response to skyb-versations

  1. qotd says:

    On MSU sucking it up and allowing Notre Dame their first (and second) offensive touchdowns of the year:

    “Well, I hope they sub me into the game soon then! I’ve been practicing my endzone dance!”

    Skybil is a proud MSU alumna. So proud she only stayed for 3 years. (DORK! Who leaves college after 3 years? That’s like leaving a party at 10:30.)

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