pink. planning.

Nikipink99: so now that I officially know 3 people who live in Boston, I think its reason enough to make a trip….. I’m thinking perhaps late spring
Nikipink99: since its already getting cold there I am sure
Nikipink99: and well, I don’t get pedicures to have to shove my feet in shoes.
Nikipink99: so until its flip flop weather, Beantown might not get a personal shoutout. Nonetheless, I am way excited you are there basking in the bad accents and cold. Go Eagles.
Nikipink99: I highly recommend you keep up the new running routes so as to be able to consumer more liquor in the winter months to keep yourself warm.
Nikipink99: and p.s. I felt like a damn celebrity on dpnation when I was in your smut column commenting on your website


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