where’s dana?

Awww, the trivia crew redubbed themselves in honor of yours truly. Yay for The Bad Decisions! Can someone FedEx some U-Fries here, stat?


4 Responses to where’s dana?

  1. skybil says:

    Hey Dana,

    I know that diet is killing you.
    Maybe what you need is some help from Peyton Manning.

    Head over to priceless.com/peptalks to see your personalized pep talk from Peyton Manning.

    You can thank me later.

  2. dpnation says:

    i love that i’m eating double stuff halloween oreos as i view this.

  3. m++ says:

    Either you come back or we come and get you. How’s the blue dress?

  4. dpnation says:

    okay, if that’s the situation, please come get me before my midterm at 3pm tomorrow!

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