bacon. blogs.

Skybil Wallace, managing news and dreams.

On giving advice:
Skybil: What’s wrong?
Coworker: I hate my worthless life!
Skybil: Want some candy??

On getting freebies from J:
Skybil: HUMPH! Does he call your boyfriend Fake J??? I have EARNED free shoes!

She knows me all too well:
Skybil: Have you had a lobster roll yet?
DP: No! But I had lobster that one day
DP: I think I was playing a little too much with it
Skybil: I can totally see you doing that!

On Big Brother:
Skybil: That monitoring device is working like a charm for you!

On potential blog names:
Skybil: ‘Bacon is Life’ is being suggested for the blog name.
DP: First entry: Baconfest flashbacks of Christmas past
Skybil: Bacon I have known…
Skybil: My fondest bacon memories…
DP: you’ve got a lot of material to work with.

On dating:
Skybil: I really must drive a neat freak vegetarian insane
[more evidence here]

She’s a catch! Really!
Skybil: the other day I thought it would be fun to speak in grunts and clicks all nite
DP: omg can I play?!
Skybil: However, he got frustrated with me when he actually wanted to know what I wanted for dinner.
DP: Muuuurrrrrhhhhh!!
Skybil: Totally serious.


3 Responses to bacon. blogs.

  1. dpnation says:


    Skybil’s gmail message: Sometimes, Dana is almost brilliant. I stress ‘sometimes’, and ‘almost’

  2. Skybil says:

    Everything I know I learned from Dana’s blog:
    1) I totally rule
    2) And I am a pain in the ass to date

    Yep, that’s all I know. Sad.

  3. dpnation says:

    They say admitting it is the first step.

    OOH, that reminds me of another thing you’re good at.

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