fashionable. finals.

i might have failed that final, but i sure looked good doing it.

Maybe Skybil should be the one going into marketing:
Skybil: Dana: She makes failing look good!
Skybil: Dana: She’s making failing preppy
Skybil: Dana: Failure, just do it
Skybil: Dana: From accounting to no accountability
Skybil: Dana: Because winning looks exhausting!
DP: okay, i think you’re a little tooo good at this
Skybil: hee hee!
Skybil: This may be my true calling
Skybil: sadly
DP: hey, mine is failing fashionably
Skybil: Everyone has a destiny, mine is to be stupid

On higher education:
Skybil: College would be better without the classes

On moral guidance:
On faith: “After Jesus was born, the Old Testament basically became a way for Bible publishers to keep their word count up.” On gender: “The sooner we accept the basic differences between men and women, the sooner we can stop arguing about it and start having sex.” On race: “While skin and race are often synonymous, skin cleansing is good, race cleansing is bad.” On the elderly: “They look like lizards.”

On my management style:
Skybil: You could call your approach: Oh, just get out of the way Cybil and let me fix it.

On our contributions to society:
DP: i have no idea why nobody realizes our collective brilliance
Skybil: We are just like Van Gogh
Skybil: with four ears


3 Responses to fashionable. finals.

  1. Skybil says:

    ****I’d like to point out that my “moral guidance” is not actually MY moral guidance. It was horribly cribbed from President Colbert’s NYTimes column. I’d hate for anyone to think I’m that clever. As I said, I’m simply good at stupid! ****

  2. Poker Cats says:

    I see no references to bacon in any of the above comments, making me wonder if these are truly authentic Skybits, as in “bacon bits.”

  3. dpnation says:

    it’s true, i could have been talking to a skybil imposter. god knows 50% of our conversations involve bacon, so this is suspect behavior.

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