bagel. burgler.

The situation:

My mental image:


7 Responses to bagel. burgler.

  1. Skybil says:

    You are a total genius!

  2. Poker Cats says:

    It should be noted the he couldn’t steal from Skybil a 1). donut 2). Free chick-fil-A 3). chili cheese fries

  3. Poker Cats says:

    Oh, I forgot. The thing you’ll never see on Sybil’s gmail chat:

    “Vincente Fox just stole my BACON.” lol

  4. Poker Cats says:

    …followed by an AP story about how the former Mexican president was assaulted by a CNN staffer because of a fight over bacon.

  5. dpnation says:

    i would pay to see el presidente try to take bacon from cybil — she’s been working out*, you know.

    *though will never claim the title from ‘freakishly strong rachel clarke’.

  6. Skybil says:

    Dear Poker Cat,


  7. dpnation says:

    um, aren’t you the one pondering naming your yet-to-be-created blog ‘bacon is life’?

    the truth hurts.. and the truth is delicious.

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