live blogging the last bush SOTU address

9:01 – the twins are in the house. Hopefully they’re sober.

9:05 – Madame Speaker! Pelosi might be a little crazy, but it’s still got a nice ring.

9:05 – walking in: last time he’ll be doing this!

9:06 – Bush’s approval rating: 31%, Congress approval rating: 18%. I hope they realize this isn’t like golf, the lowest number isn’t the goal.

9:07 – Obama and Ted Kennedy are sitting together. BFF4EVA!

9:09 – Nancy’s hair is looking nice, but she’s a terrible liar. ‘Distinct honor’ to present the President?

9:10 – omg, Pelosi is blinking again!

9:11 – trust to make ‘wise decisions’? Evidently he didn’t get his own memo.

9:12 – mention of the recession. DRINK!

9:12 – mention of the housing market. DRINK!

9:14 – the IRS accepts both checks and money orders! HAHAHA!

9:15 – make the tax relief permanent — Repub side in standing ovation, Dems appear to pout.

9:15 – now he’s into spending tax dollars wisely? How much are we losing in Iraq per day? [Note: $275 million]

9:16 – okay, new drinking word: VETO.

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9:21 – No child left behind is succeeding? Just how we are succeeding in Iraq?

9:22 – Ted Kennedy is totally napping!

9:22 – American workers can ‘compete with anyone in the world’. If you’re okay with making $2/hour.

9:24 – We’re friends with Columbia?? Who knew?

9:25 – Cheney is smiling?! There’s a first time for everything. Honestly, it’s quite scary.

9:26 – we’re going green, ya’ll. DRINK.

9:26 – NU-CU-LUR. DRINK.

9:28 – you know, Georgie, stem cells would be a lot easier than developing skin cells, oh, and they still aren’t actually fertilized eggs, ie not human life.

9:32 – New Orleans? It’s about time! Where’s Brownie?

9:32 – Social Security AND Medicaid in the same sentence?? CHUG!

9:33 – Sorry, Mexico, you’re outta here. Resolve it in such a way that it acknowledges our laws and our ideals? Get ready for people to start complaining about expensive labor as result. [note: not condoning, just merely stating, you can’t have it all]

9:38 – Nancy’s hair looks nice, no?

9:39 – Final mission in Afghanistan? Did we find Osama?

9:42 – Cheney looks grumpy. At least he stopped smiling.

9:43 – Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq.. all the way to Pakistan.

9:45 – To the troops: ‘you will have all you need, to protect the nation.’ Does that include body armor?

9:49 – Iran! Zing! Iraq, it’s up to you to stabilize the region.

9:50 – Not only did Bush invent the skin cell, but he’s also been working on peace between Palestine and Israel. He also stayed at a Holiday Inn last nite.

9:53 – He just said ‘nucular’ three times in one minute. FINISH YOUR DRINK!

9:54 – Another reference to that phony LA terror plot. He did this last year!

9:59 – ‘Meet the needs of a new war’? Hello, Iran!

10:01 – Sit down, Cheney! I know all the up and down must be difficult on the circuits in that Darth Vadar suit.

10:02 – The state of our union will ‘remain strong’. If you don’t count the housing crisis and impending recession.

10:02 – Peace out, suckas! For good!

10:03- Totally snubbed Obama on the handshake.

10:04 – ‘Minimalist agenda for a lame duck president’ -NBC. Hear, hear.


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