photo. finish.

Skybil made the mistake of enlisting my photoshopping skills for a bday project. Unfortunately for her, this is what she got instead:

(that was originally a monkey riding the dog, which an easy jump to Cybil’s face instead). Why should the danaheads have all the fun?


4 Responses to photo. finish.

  1. skybilicious says:

    BACON FEST DREAM TEAM REUNITES! (AKA you’ve been warned)

    That’s right, Dana is coming back for SPRING BREAK! Perfect, since she owns the beer funnel, beet helmet AND cape!

    Dibs on the cape.

    Plus, I’ll be kicking off my presidential campaign on my 35th birthday. That’ll be March 6.

    Wallace/Prey ’08
    It’s time for a change

  2. Skybil says:

    I need your vote, nation

  3. deeps says:

    can i be inaugurated as VP wearing my cape?

  4. Skybil says:

    Dude, dibs on the cape

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