planning. people.

This is what happens when other people are in charge of making the brunch plans..

By: The Brit
When: Saturday, March 08

Where: Flying Biscuit*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Ms. D ana J ane P rey, previously and soon to be again of Atlanta, Georgia, would like to extend an invitation to breakfast for those who have recently returned from Utah and their spouses.

She has this message: It may not be trivia, but it will be trivial

Location is flexible, depending on if you know of a better, nearer, breakfast place. Princess Prey’s chauffeur has not yet decided whether the royal personage will be permitted inside or will have to run alongside.

Earlier fine too to beat those brunch crowds.

By: Former cube-mate’s spouse and esteemed trivia teammate
Accepted: It’s not curry, but it is good

Sounds fabulous. Will her ladyship allow us to dine with her, or will we be gathered at her feet, politely picking at the scraps?

Sun In My Belly, conveniently located in Kirkwood, also does a nice brunch and is a little bit off the beaten path (or was, the last time I dined there, over a year ago).


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