bicycling. bust.

So this weekend at West Point started off well, getting second in the TTT, and points in the circuit race. Even scored points in the hill climb ITT. And then, I manage to get wiped out during Sunday’s crit. Enter: Emergency Room, xrays, and prescription narcotics. At least I had three Army Cadets’ full attention immediately after the crash. Word.

cycling and crashing

and PS, it’s pretty rough only using one hand, let alone not the one I write with.. oops.

good thing my friends are so supportive:

Skybil: Um …
Time for a new sport
That has NEVER happened to me as I sit on the sofa watching Netflix
I’m just sayin’


8 Responses to bicycling. bust.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    Oh no! Hope you recover soon.

    I’m pretty sure that Skybil experiences plenty of bacon-related injuries on the sofa.

  2. Marijka says:

    Ouch! Your days of championship arm wrestling may be over.

  3. dpnation says:

    i might have to find a backup to my plan of being a major league baseball pitcher too.

    though, remember the movie rookie of the year? that could soooo be me.

  4. m++ says:

    Oh, poor deeps. What does this development mean for the blue dress?

  5. Wes says:

    My friend Charles tore his ACL (MCL? whichever is in the knee) while doing a victory dance after winning a game of pool.

    At least bike crash sounds pretty cool… though perhaps not cool as requiring a cast for a bacon accident.

  6. Wes says:

    Also, I think injury-blogs are the best kind.

  7. dpnation says:

    my sister is upset that she found out about my elbow fracture via facebook. does this mean i should be calling home more often?

    m++, the blue dress is retired for now, as i can only manage button-downs to accommodate the lack of range of motion in the arm. but spring is coming. it’ll be back.

  8. m++ says:

    God bless spring and the blue dress. Heal, you fool.

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