mileage. milestone.

I have not yet sung the praises of the Nike+ Sportband that I purchased at the Boston Marathon Expo in April. Now that I’m not riding crashing bikes anymore, it’s been put to good use.

100 miles in 18 runs.. just easing in. Much more to come, esp with that pesky half marathon to run. And the Human Race 10K. And the Nike Women Half Marathon this fall..

Not to mention, J is responsible for the biggest time waster ever: go to (you’ll need an account and Nike+) and create your own mini! Basically they work like avatars, but sync with your running information from your Nike+ gadgets. Including calling you out when you aren’t running.

And here is mine.  And as you might be able to tell, she’s throwing punches (animated on facebook). Yeah, seems pretty accurate.

The only minor change would be more to the effect of “Bring on the challenges, bitches.”


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