weekend. wonder.

First it was the Yanks, now I can cross off the Mets from my to-do list. Sorta.

The new Citi Field is rising up in the outfield. Shea = not quite as a dump as Yankees stadium. But totally loses points for serving Pepsi. Bleh. Not to mention, as a die hard Braves (and Cubs) girl, there’s really just no way I can root for the Mets. Between that and my disdain for the Red Sox, I’m really not sure if that makes me a Yankees fan by default. Eek.

Anyway, last nite was Shea Stadium replica nite, where the first 25,000 fans received their limited edition stadium giveaway.

Not only did we manage to get an extra replica (three of us, four tix.. so I just entered twice), but we also found THREE more replicas just on the ground as we were walking down the ramps out of the stadium, which you may now freely bid for on eBay. Did I mention there was a torrential downpour? Yeah, so we left 45 min into the rain delay, which was a good call since the game was canceled shortly thereafter.

Today still had fluke rain (IE it was NOT in the forecast. Again.) After some ice coffee at SJP’s coffee shop, New York bagels (I’m addicted), and an $18 mani/pedi (yes, you heard me — $18!), I headed to Harlem for the Harlem Rocks cycling race. Sure, I could’ve raced in it, but I’ve been avoiding the bike since, oh, the Dartmouth disaster. And I suppose running 9 miles yesterday probably wouldn’t be the best race prep anyway.

Rock Racing is the loud and brash cycling team sponsored by Rock & Republic. (See Wiki). I do have to say, as a Ralph Lauren Rugby kind of girl, I’m loving the team’s kits and clothing.

Somewhat controversial cyclist Tyler Hamilton at the line for Rock Racing.

The pro race ended with a down to the wire finish, where the guy who won (Eric Barlevav, Time Pro Cycling) ended up crossing the line and then faceplanting at 40+ MPH. But he seemed alright and was happy with the win. I bet tomorrow will be a little less fun, once the adrenaline wears off.

My acclimation to New York is coming along nicely. Today I yelled at a guy who was asking me for a dollar for the subway because I was obviously on the phone (wishing daddy a happy day like the good daughter that I am) and that was annoying, which is only slightly better than the time that someone on the sidewalk asked me “Do you have time for the children?” to which I replied “No.”

I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get one of those New Yawk accents.


7 Responses to weekend. wonder.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    Your acclimation might go even better if you’d been walking around NY with one of the Chipper Jones baseball bats they gave out (to the first 15,000 fans) at Turner Field for the June 8 Phillies game…

  2. dpnation says:

    i dunno, that might get me in trouble with some met fans. though, i can probably take them. esp with a bat.

  3. m++ says:

    Taking Catherine to Ghetto Burger this Sunday (hopefully). God help us.

  4. dpnation says:

    OMG. OMG!!

    ghetto burgers = life changing

    be sure to get there early, skybil and i were the first ones in line at 40 min prior to opening. it’s so worth it. (otherwise you’ll wait all day). and follow the rules! don’t go in until she invites you to. and no cells.

    omg i’m jealous. welcome to the cult.

    i’ll leave you with one lasting thought: deep. fried. bacon.

  5. M++ says:

    Bleh. We didn’t know she wasn’t open on Sundays. We are now planning for a Saturday expedition and we’ve now researched the rules.

    Question — If there are four of us, do the four of us sit as a group or do we go in one at a time?

  6. dpnation says:

    ah, did not know that either, but it makes sense — nothing in the south is open on god’s day.

    good, the rules are important. she’s a very nice lady til you break the rules. think the soup nazi but with chili fries.

    when you arrive 40 minutes early (and you should), sit at the tables on the patio outside until she waves you in. it’s all counter-top seating, so if you get there first, you can sit together in a row. otherwise, once she has her 8 stools filled, you can only really go in one at a time (once people leave – one goes out, one goes in). there are four stools on either side, so you can def sit together if you get in the first batch of 8.

    now, imagine trying to be timely and well behaved with skybil.. if we can do it, anyone can.

  7. M++ says:

    You think the blue dress would have an effect on the ghetto burger lady?

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