another day. another dollar.

Who knew I’ve actually been working for five weeks now? Certainly not my bank account. HA!

Let’s recap the latest week in the big city..

Today I was pleasantly surprised by a mysterious looking package from The Brit with enough packing tape to make you want to buy stock in 3M products. And after a 5 min struggle with scissors and cursing (you know how I wasn’t allowed to have scissors at my desk in the newsroom..) lo and behold, my very own TexMex bobblehead! Now I only need a second baseman and a left fielder (Chipper’s goes to 3rd), and I’ll have a whole lineup. And look, Tex has already made friends with my Dwight Schrute bobble:


Despite not having a paycheck (yet), I had to venture to my beloved Ralph Lauren Rugby. In between polos and manicures, I found quite possibly the greatest. thing. ever. at Virgin Megastore..


GIZMOS! Me want! I think the only thing that could possibly make this better is to throw in a bunch of Ewoks.

Randomly decided to enter a 5miler race around Central Park today, and placed 5th — with the 4th place finisher ONE SECOND in front. How irritating. Esp since I had to stop to adjust my knee brace.

QOTD (via Twitter):
Curt: @dpnation Clean your teeth the tasty way with Bacon Floss:
dpnation: @curt
omg not the first person to recommend bacon floss to yours truly. what does this say about me?
Curt: Only that your love of bacon transcends that of mere mortals 🙂
dpnation: @curt
i hope they put that on my tombstone.
Ken: @dpnation @curt
That your tombstone would reference ‘mere mortals’ is delightfully ironic.

Mr. A, earlier: I don’t know why whenever I see “bacon!” it reminds me of you…LOL.  But I also can’t argue with this [bacon floss] logic. Is there anything bacon can’t improve?

Skybversations, con’t:

djprep thank you very much

Guess who leaves for Paris in a week from Wednesday? Hope those Frenchies enjoy my Spanglish and pathetic Italian.

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