on. notice.

on notice!

This is even better than the threatdown..

The current On Notice/Dead to me list can be found here. And by current, that really means like, a few months ago in Boston.. where all the website files are.

QOTD: and while you’re looking, you have to say “well all my clothes will fit in this closet, but where will my boyfriend’s stuff go?” -Shannon, on me being on House Hunters

danahead in paris
Paris in T-minus one week.


2 Responses to on. notice.

  1. Skybil says:

    WAIT!!! We’re going to Paris?!?!?! That’s awesome! I’ll meet you at the airport. I hope there isn’t more confusion like last time when we went to Italy!!!

  2. dpnation says:

    um.. YEAH! see you at the airport! don’t get lost this time.

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