go. pre(y).

Slight modification to the newly purchased Nike Haywards:


PS, these shoes are inspired by a design Pre himself created.

Headed to Paris tonite.. The Brit teaches The Prep a thing or two in French:

dp: can you teach me some french
dp: or at least get me a better exchange rate on the euro?
Brit: mais oui. voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir.
Brit: plus ca change
dp: um isn’t that saying something like ‘i am a hooker’?
Brit: only if you charge ….

Brit: je suis faim
Brit: means I’m horny
Brit: j’ai faim means I’m hungry
Brit: the difference is important
Brit: je suis canadienne — also useful

Skybil, on looking ‘French’ so I fit in:
Skybil: You don’t own black, do you?

On souvenirs:
Skybil: Bring me back a sense of style!

danahead eiffel
Au revoir, bitches!


One Response to go. pre(y).

  1. River Holifield says:

    Yeah these shoes are great its too bad that they don’t sell them anymore i wore them for XC and got 7th at state with the lunar racers i love both of the shoes and ever since the pres wore out i have been trying to find some more possibly.

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