quotable. classics.

my cycling manager at work:
“Your return to bike racing: http://www.jamestownclassic.org/indexclassic.cfm

“we should send an email to the BC Cycling listserv — rally the troops … It should probably come from your email as opposed to mine, since I’m just that random law school girl and you’re, well, D ana P rey :)”
(she must be referring to my crash-tacular reputation)

Then again, I think she might just be using me:
“Just got your email to the listserv — a bit of brilliant copy yet again, Ms. MBA. You will be a corporate maverick, and I, as your in-house counsel, will gladly ride your coat tails all the way to the bank… and a new bike… and a new set of race wheels.”

Don’t call it a comeback!

The MLB All-Star game was here in New York this week. The parade was conveniently run down 6th Ave.

Ryne Sandberg (fave player ever), as seen from the office window.

@ Run Club tonight one of the Nike guys offered me a job as a pacer. Because I apparently, have impeccable timing. Spot on pace leading the 800m speedwork! Booya.

From The Twin: “Yesterday was butterstick’s 3rd bday!!! He got a popsicle. YUM.”

[Yes, I’m aware that this is from Butterstick’s 1st, not 3rd bday. But he’s way more cute here.]

Got tix to the Colbert Report for next week — I hope Stephen puts me on notice.

Having an unseasonably good hair day and nobody is around to appreciate. Sad. The soft curls are for nothing.

10 days til the half marathon..


3 Responses to quotable. classics.

  1. m++ says:

    Seriously, yr hair needs some fixin’. What up blue dress? I peep you. I heart my GF.

  2. dpnation says:

    i have a sneaking suspicion that this dp hair bashing is some trick to lure me to A-town.. could only be the work of one skybil wall. see her twitter if you don’t believe me.

  3. M++ says:

    No, no, really. Seriously. It needs work.

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