body. building.

Don’t call me chicken legs anymore! After demonstrating Hulk-like strengths doing squats at the gym, I’m now referred to as ‘Quadzilla’.

Lance Armstrong’s comeback.. possibly dumber than Favre’s.

Email of the day:
From: Skybil
Subject: OK, it’s about time I start abusing your MBA
To: “Dana”

We need to start churning out the iphone applications. I have ideas, I’m just an idiot. This is where you come in. You on board??


QOTD: “If you ever want to make a training trip out to CO, you’ve got a place to crash anytime (crash as in sleep, not crash as in crash your bike).”

QOTD2: “‘My booty is stale.’ If I had Facebook, that would be my status.” -Kimlicious, in reference to her subpar tasting Pirate Booty snack

Also, I totally want a WALL-E. The twin was right: So happy, yet so heartwrenching.


7 Responses to body. building.

  1. Wes says:

    Are you sure Skybil doesn’t just want to track Wes? Because if she does, there is already an iphone app for that:

  2. Wes says:

    Are you sure Skybil doesn’t just want to track Wes? (I can’t think of what else she would want to do on her iphone) Because if she does, there is already an app for that:

  3. Wes says:

    whoops. I totally need to take my alzheimers meds today.

  4. dpnation says:


    DP: i want a WALL-E
    Twin: i KNOW
    DP: he and mowdysseus can be friends
    Twin: iee!!
    Twin: i hadnt even though of that

    Twin: i make chris do the compact noise
    Twin: he’s really good at it
    Twin: he can do the little wall-e shake

    DP: i was sad he didn’t have any friends
    Twin: cockroach!

    DP: do they make stuffed animals
    DP: i want one!
    Twin: haha but he’s a robot!
    DP: but he would be snuggly
    Twin: i wonder if they’ll make squishy versions
    DP: wall-e toy
    Twin: sixty dollars??
    DP: it has a remote!
    DP: it does stuff!
    Twin: i cant snuggle that

  5. Eric (quote) says:

    No way, Dana. The Hulk only got big and bad when he was angry. You have a much more calm disposition. I’d say you’re more of a Terminator…

  6. Skybil says:

    OK, why are suggest topics related to this post both about bodies being pulled from the rubble???

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