commonwealth. clash.

As usual, it started as an innocent g-chat conversation.
[on registering to vote, the election in general, etc.]
Skybil: HUMPH!
DP: although voting in virginia is almost just as futile [as Georgia]
DP: and completely useless in mass
Skybil: Virginia is supposedly close
DP: they said that last election
DP: and it so wasn’t!
DP: i don’t think it’s ever been blue in the history of its existence
Skybil: You never know
DP: if VA goes blue, i am coming down and buying you u-fries

Skybil: Obama has a lead in Virginia
Skybil: I will be enjoying those U Fries!
Skybil: 51 to 39 percent
DP: holy crap. that’s a lot
Skybil: Uh huh
DP: i wonder if my absentee ballot counts for more
Skybil: They throw those out

Also, I live with a nark. You’re not supposed to defend Skybil.. not unless you want the cyber terrorism directed towards you instead..


4 Responses to commonwealth. clash.

  1. skybil says:

    Dear Danahead,
    I’d like to remind you that every vote counts, even the absentee ballots we just throw out. I’d also like to remind you of my campaign platform of U Fries and Bacon for all. I am unstoppable. I am also very photogenic. Danahead just doesn’t get it.

  2. skybil says:

    Furthermore, being a good American citizen is not at all being a nark. Your roommate is a true patriot.

  3. dpnation says:

    As patriotic as paying taxes. My friend.

    Also, I am slightly concerned that Cynthia McKinney is on my absentee ballot as a candidate for president. What’s her platform.. bat-sh*t crazy? Bullying? Punching?

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