I’m a PC! And I’m in Times Square!

My PC spot says ‘I’m a PC.. and I do the Heisman.’ (please note the Heisman trophy behind me)

My PC profile on the Windows page.

Check out the banner ads too.

Can’t say it was ever a goal to have my face displayed on Times Square, but let’s check that one off the to-do list anyway..

CP: oh.my.god.
CP: i think being in times square is definitely on the path to world domination
CP: so you should just layer it into the plan
CP: we can use that for campaign ads later

DP: got my absentee ballot yesterday
DP: vote for me!!
CP: since i vote in MD i might write you in
CP: because i think obama is pretty safe there


2 Responses to DP. PC.

  1. I’m a PC and I built the big ticker under Campbell Brown’s face in Times Square: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/the_ticker/the_ticker_pm_edition_fnc_msnbc_cnn_93597.asp

  2. dpnation says:

    haha that is awesome. perhaps you should handle my cable and web presence from now on. skybil can handle the wordsmithing part. and freakishly strong rachel clarke can handle security.

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