cyberterrorizing. cybil.

Ah, cyber-terrorism via remote location. It’s almost too easy..

skybil: EVIL!
skybil: I think I jumped when I logged in today

(who doesn’t love danaheads as their desktop wallpaper?)

And who says you have to be famous in order to have your Twitter hacked?

Skybil should at least be happy that there are no signs of Clippy.. yet.

Update: She’s now throwing around false accusations!

Skybil (12:24:23 PM): YOU!
Skybil (12:24:27 PM): I thought it was Sean
The Brit (12:24:30 PM): me
Skybil (12:24:31 PM): BUT IT WAS YOU
The Brit (12:24:35 PM): wot?
Skybil (12:24:35 PM): I trusted you!
Skybil (12:24:48 PM): I jumped when I saw the Danaheads!
Skybil (12:24:51 PM): Hee hee!


3 Responses to cyberterrorizing. cybil.

  1. skybil says:

    JERK! The sad part is the Clippy-like prank went on unnoticed by me ALL DAY!

  2. dpnation says:

    you didn’t notice something was up when your computer told you “SYSTEM ERROR: Insufficient funds. Please insert coin and press OK.”

    From anonymous well-placed newsroom source: “She had the “mur?” look, and muttered something about “memory low?” and just closed it and went about her business.”

    you didn’t look for a coin slot, did you?

  3. skybil says:

    I think that is an accurate picture of how I reacted, yes. And no, I didn’t look for the coin slot. However, they just stopped cake day, so that’s prolly the next thing to happen!

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