stupendous. snuggie.

Who knew that Grandma was so hip? The Twin and I received Snuggies for xmas!

Of course, everyone was jealous.

The Twin: “Also, how have you never heard of the snuggie?? it’s on infomercials non-stop.  one of my friends just calls it a backwards robe.  which is pretty true.  and they’re kinda cult-y, but they sure look comfy!”

Although, they kind of look like another kind of robe, of royal emperor variety..

Check out Kimberdoodle in the Snuggie on Facebook. Contain your obvious jealousy!

Also, any bets on whether or not Hassel will notice yours truly wearing the Snuggie during MP4 class tomorrow?


4 Responses to stupendous. snuggie.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    It looks more Jedi than Dark Side.

  2. Wes says:

    Based on just about any futuristic/sci-fi movies’ wardrobe we will all be sporting snuggies in the next decade.

  3. Found this site almost by accident and now discovering the great content here – thanks!

  4. coffee says:

    the Snuggie give you an excuse to dress like a Jedi

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