Near. Miss.

New season, new bike, new karma. Or so I thought.

Had a very near miss on the circuit race on Sunday at Rutgers — some MIT girl went down, taking a handful of people with her. I was about two back from that chick, and screeched my way to a halt, barely missing the carnage (front wheel stopped touching the downed bikes). Dropped my chain, and got some lovely grease tattoos on my right calf, but everything else seems to be in order. Was able to finish the race, but lost too much time with the pileup to be competitive.

For the record, that is now FOUR crashes that I’ve been involved in (none where I’m at fault). At least with this one, nothing on my bike or body were broken.

Why am I such a crash magnet? Which cycling god did I piss off?

Theory #1: it wasn’t the Trek bike that was cursed (sold off last Sept), but me.
Theory #2: My race number last year was #130. My race number this year is #103. Unlucky #13?
Theory #3: Clearly, everyone in Women’s B are out to get me. I should upgrade to A’s immediately.

Friends can be supportive (excluding Skybil):
“See, this is why I prefer couch surfing…. Maybe they should invest in some training wheels or something…” -MC

“The main question is…is the bike OK?!” -Kimberdoodle

“Were they updating their twitter accounts from the peloton? Don’t those stupid girls know that only LA and DP can tweet from the peloton without crashing? Amateurs.” -Queen B

“Who let these people have bikes anyways??” -SCR, my life coach and future wedding planner

“that should be easy for you, quadzilla.” -MC’s suggestion that I just lead the front of the pack (and not draft) to avoid crashes

Pics from the weekend can be found here.


6 Responses to Near. Miss.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    I didn’t know Ionos came in white; I have a yellow one for the work commute. Can’t wait for the Lance Armstrong Giro helmets to come out next month!

  2. dpnation says:

    That’s a nice helmet for commuting! My helmet is the Atmos, the Lance helmet prior to the Ionos. The LIVESTRONG edition looks pretty sharp. I just posted about that on the BC Cycling blog:

  3. Wes says:

    I think wearing a helmet invites a crash… and seat belts end more lives than they save.

  4. dpnation says:

    I can only assume this is your approach to motorcycles too. What about parachutes and skydiving? Seems rather unnecessary as well.

  5. Poker Cats says:

    That’s why it looked familiar — my previous commuting helmet was a red Atmos!

  6. still broken says:

    why a new bike? I like the color scheme tho. Just can’t make out the brand (it’s probably b’cause you’re riding at Mach speed?)
    FYI: I heart your new webby…

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