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‘If history repeats itself, I’ll take it,’ coach Jay Wright says of Villanova’s pursuit of its second national title.

“The play that put Villanova in the Final Four [and beat Pitt 78-76] should be known as the Dual Homage,” writes’s Luke Winn. “The inbounds pass to Dante Cunningham was in the same style of the bomb that Valparaiso threw to Bill Jenkins — to set up Bryce Drew — in 1998, in that both teams entered the ball to a leaping big man rather than the shooter. And the three-quarter-court race that Scottie Reynolds (left) went on after receiving the ball from Cunningham was reminiscent of the mad dash that UCLA‘s Tyus Edney used to beat Missouri in 1995. What sets Reynolds’s play apart is what was at stake: Nova’s first trip to the Final Four since 1985 — not just a win in the first weekend of the dance.” – Luke Winn

This is how I roll into Philly for race weekend.

Watch this.

And an interview with Jay Wright and more of the game-winning play.


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