master. me.

That’s right! Please address me as ‘master’ from now on. The diploma is entirely in Latin, and my one year in 8th grade Latin class has proven not to be sufficient enough to translate the document. So really, it could just say ‘master of useless knowledge’ and nobody would know the difference.

Also, I can’t believe the time I win an [academic] award, the Dean forgets the list and as result did not announce the names.

Here’s the proof though. It’s legit, y’all.

Update: kylekinnaman – Something about seeing the #danahead above AA preggers ad makes me want to fire up the GIMP (formerly Photoshop).


4 Responses to master. me.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    Congrats! I believe your diploma has a section that confers an ancient protection against crashes in bicycle races.

  2. Poker Cats says:

    Now you should pursue a mini-degree. You know, so you can have a blog post titled “Mini. Me.” lol

  3. dpnation says:

    Section VII of my Latin diploma: Master of Rubberside Down

  4. skybil says:


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