grownup. gal.

Entering: The Next Episode. Once again, I’m heading into the workforce. Welcome, paychecks, benefits and the next career step. Goodbye, summer vacation, Thirsty Thursdays and accounting class.

Going along with the grown up phase of my life is a new place to live. After tireless weeks/months spent researching and a whole lotta legwork (who knew realtors were so sketchy? I’m looking at you, RE/MAX), behold:

My new place! Even my car has a place to live, something that I thought was such wishful thinking, that I didn’t even bother to look for it during my property search.

So the entry way once you get inside the foyer has this little nook that is begging for something to be put there, like some fake flowers or an homage to yours truly (Kathleen’s idea — turns out, it looked more like a memorial). So I think I’ve found the solution: lighted slate wall fountain!

John: “That may be even better than the marathon picture, very inviting and soothing sounds for the hall way. Much like a holiday inn. Excellent choice.”

Kathleen: “hahahah the only thing better than that would be a virgin mary”

To go along with my grown up house and grown up job, I’ve decided to get grown up furniture. The days of being excited over IKEA stuff are gone (although, for a temporary fix, they are perfectly adequate — not trying to knock IKEA like I do the Olive Garden.) So after dropping the 2nd most money I have ever spent (Ridley still wins that honor), I am now equipped with some great pieces. Thank god for relocation money. Now that I have all this fab stuff, I guess it’s time to show up to work to start earning my keep. Goodbye, grad school life. It was fun while it lasted.


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