georgia state of mind

It was only a matter of time.. Georgia parody on Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind. Makes me want some Waffle House and Coke.

2 Fingers in the air for the A-Town
Got my seersuckers, Sperry’s and a buttondown.

Full lyrics after the jump

Yeah I’m up in Macon, Now I’m down in Alpharetta
Right next to T.I., great guy, but I’m still better
I’m the new Turner, and since I made it here
I can make it anywhere, yeah they love me everywhere.
I used to live in Norcross, where all of my chicks still stay
Driving down Peachtree, brought me back to Chick Fil A
Took it down to Athens, ate on Milledge Avenue
Catch me “Going Downtown”, Knowshown says whats happenin’ dude? (Whaz happenin’ dude?)
Cruising down 85, Off Black Chevy
Driving So Slow Cuz my Cargo’s Heavy
Me I’m up in Bankhead, like the Rubberband Man
Now I live in Buckhead, cost me ’bout 800 grand.
Say what up to Luda, sip on Coke with 5 limes
Sitting farmside all the hicks gave me high fives.
So I’m wearing overalls, call me a hillbilly
Tell by my hospitality, that I’m definitely (from)

In Georgia, Humid weather where dreams are made of
There’s nothing here to do, now you’re in Georgia.
Our Coke will make you feel renewed,
peaches will inspire you
Let’s hear it for Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

Catch me at the Ted with Bobby Cox at a Braves game
In ‘91 won the east, ‘05 it was still the same.
You should know I bleed blue, it’s cuz I got a bruise though.
Hank don’t got the record but he sure as hell beat Ruth though.
Welcome to Atlanta, where we elect Saxby
KFC tastes like shit, man lets go to Zaxbys
Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Bobby Jones, Davy Jones
Lloyd Banks can burn a roof, but Sherman burnt a million homes.
8 million hot dogs, order them all naked.
Rush hour’s a bitch, half of y’all won’t make it.
We’re proud of our tradition, 4th to join the Uncle Sam.
We tell our dudes ‘yes, sir’ to the girls we say ‘yes, ma’am’ (yes ma’am)
Three-cent sweet tea, three-cent Kool Aid
July 4th bbq, by the pool, got it made.
‘96 Olympics, long live the Georgia Dome, Long live the A Yo
We from the Empire State (of the South!)


Peaches are tasty, people want peach trees,
after all, it’s what they call, each of these streets
At a flea market, buy a ring or knick knack
Or a shirt that says that, we want Michael Vick back.
Don’t bite the apple Joe, got a peach for you son,
You think it’s hot now, summer hasn’t begun.
Don’t need private planes for me to get action.
Cuz I travel in style at Hartsfield Jackson.
Jimmy’s left the house now, now he’s got a Peace Prize.
Everybody loves him, even CNN’s guys.
Those techies in the city, they’re all virgins.
When Wagner won’t save you, you got Jair Jurjens
Came here for the weather, stayed for the funny jokes.
Bout preppy kids, rap stars, and the country folks.
All the facts I’ll never know, there’s so much more to find.
So Ray now you better know, what is on my mind?!


2 Fingers in the air for the A-Town
Got my seersuckers, Sperry’s and a buttondown.
No Aquarium in the world that can compare.
Put your Coke in the air everybody say ‘yeah, yeah’
(Yeah, yeah!)


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