practicing. p rey-garism.

So, anyone watching the new season of 24? If you have, you might have noticed an interesting storyline involving yours truly. No, I’m not moonlighting as a CTU agent in the Empire State. However, I did manage to get written into the storyline.

Let’s begin here:

Dana Walsh, CTU. Beginning with the obvious. But not only is her name Dana, she’s also a Senior Analyst at CTU. Sound familiar? Hey, me too!

We’re just getting started.

Wait a minute, Dana’s name is actually Jenny? Okay, we get it.. we look alike. TWINS!

Uh oh, this guy seems to have as much trouble telling Dana and Jenny apart as our mom does! Maybe it’s hereditary? No you say, it’s this dude having the name amnesia and not The Twins. Oh wait, did we mention that THIS GUY’S NAME IS KEVIN?!

Let’s recap:

So there’s this Senior Analyst named Dana, who also goes by Jenny, and she is harassed by a dude named Kevin. Yup, this sounds like my life story with a little government ineptitude.

Throw a little Sark in there, and you’ve got the best season of 24 EVER!

I should sue Fox for life infringement.


One Response to practicing. p rey-garism.

  1. Shannon says:

    Frankly, I’ve never watched an episode of 24, but so far, I think you are much more entertaining.

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