midweek. moodswing.

Is everyone having one of those weeks? If so, hop on the bandwagon. What’s with today, today?

Some things to lighten your mood..

The twin’s stuffed animals from China:

Texts from last night:

(501): I changed the name of my iPod to ‘The Titanic’ so when I plug it in it says ‘The Titanic is syncing.’

(215): is it bad that i have made the decision to never travel to vienna simply b/c of that transvestite that won the bachelor?

[More] Bachelor commentary:

“he’s going to pick the horse’s ass named after sausage instead of this adorable little doll?”



And if that’s not enough, three words:

Giant. Inflatable. Beavers.

Happy hump day, ya’ll.

3 Responses to midweek. moodswing.

  1. Shannon says:

    OMG – the ipod comment is CLASSIC! I died. You better watch those stuffed animals – Riley will kill them. Also – I heard about the “Beaver” on Kiss 108 this AM – what’s that all about??

  2. dpnation says:

    haha Riley would have a ball with the turtle — it’s HUGE! Fortunately, they are safe at home in VA.

    The GIANT INFLATABLE BEAVERS were part of the closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics. It was just kinda ridic. Even made it as a trending topic on Twitter!

  3. […] Twin: “i’d like to eat them too. maybe we can incorporate their new choco covered kind and take them to the MoMa as they are the essence of […]

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