Let there be light

So in addition to a bit of deferred maintenance, there were also some highly questionable design choices throughout the house. The porch light was one of them.

Porch light: before

Yeah. So that’s nice. Even no porch light appears to be an improvement from the current edition.

Improvement, no?

So in one of my many adventures to Home Depot, I procured a new porch light.

I found one I liked on sale for $40. I was ready to pull the trigger. But they didn’t have any in stock. So the HD guy asked if I wanted the display. Then decided he couldn’t sell it to me in its current condition, sans box/hardware, so instead, he grabbed a new package of hardware, stuffed it in and wrote up a new ticket for $5!! The light I was prepared to pay $40+ for I got for $5. WIN!

My $5 Home Depot win

Oh, and it looks pretty good to.

Also, it’s awesome being a female in Home Depot.



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