Frequently Asked Questions/Things you should know/Rules:

– I do not have a set update schedule. If the blog/website is not updated, wait longer.

– it is fairly well known among many of you where I work. However, to keep things safe, let’s keep everything nameless. I’d like to keep my legal affairs to a minimum.

– my favorite running shorts are the Nike Tempo Track shorts. I’ve been asked to do a write up of running shorts/apparel, but these are pretty much all I buy. Shoes and other sports info can be found here.

– it is obvious that I am fairly accessible and easy to contact, and I enjoy hearing from blog/website readers. However, I have pretty much no tolerance for spammers, harassment, stalkers, mystery instant messages, etc. So basically, if you want to get in touch, don’t be an asshole about it.

– if you’re looking for a date, don’t waste your time.

– I might sit at a computer at all hours, but I’m not always accessible. I’m either working, sleeping, or screening.

– if there is any content that you wish to be removed, send an email and ask.

– no, I do not know how many pairs of sneakers I own.


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