georgia state of mind

January 21, 2010

It was only a matter of time.. Georgia parody on Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind. Makes me want some Waffle House and Coke.

2 Fingers in the air for the A-Town
Got my seersuckers, Sperry’s and a buttondown.

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twin. terrors.

June 19, 2009

The Twins go to DC! Well, technically little J already lives there. The real reason for the trip was to try on bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming nuptials of Big Brother. Turns out, a bridal store like David’s Bridal was everything I dreamt it to be and more:

Average bridal customer

Average bridal customer

The worst part? We had to register our information since the bride didn’t have an account (got her dress elsewhere). Which means we inevitably are on 39473865 wedding mailing lists now, great! But on the bright side, the dresses were cute (& inexpensive), the wedding will be in Puerto Rico, and The Twin bought me a burrito afterward.

After the suburban scare known as Springfield, VA.. we headed off to Georgetown, where I was able to acquire my much-lusted after whale hat from Vineyard Vines!

For professional preps only

For professional preps only

First seen at the Head of the Charles last year, I had been on a mission to get one of my own. The VV store in Copley was giving them away to children last November (I was too mortified to ask for one), but finally I was able to procure one in Georgetown!

Afterwards, we headed back to The Twin’s abode in Columbia Heights, where there were presents for yours truly waiting:

Yes, that’s a WALL-E toothbrush, al paca figurine from Peru, and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!!

Next day: Nat’s game. Sorry to say to my beloved Bravos, Nationals Field is pretty much the nicest ballpark I’ve been to (although have not made it to the new Yankee Stadium). Even the recycling containers were awesome.

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nats Field

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nat's Field

The best part? The Presidents race, of course. Like sausages except our fearless leaders and not in Milwaukee.

Abe takes a huge lead

Abe takes a huge lead

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

But Abe doesnt seem to care

But Abe doesn't seem to care

After the game, the Presidents were out and about in the stadium. I got to say hello to GW.

George really liked my new Dooney

George really liked my new Dooney

And of course, the best president of them all..

Tommy J!

Tommy J!

And this is totally unrelated, but I really like this shirt:

Prey Twin weekend = success.

grand. opening.

August 20, 2008

Just in time — Nike will be opening a Nike Sportswear Flagship store in SoHo this Friday. Hmm, any guesses whether I’ll be packing for Boston or checking out some new diggs?

Nike Sportswear announced the opening of 21 Mercer Street in New York City’s SoHo. It is the first Nike Sportswear-specific store of its kind. Opening August 22nd, the stand-alone shop will be the only location globally to carry the complete NSW collection and seasonal 21 Mercer products.

QOTD: “it’s so happy. and heart wrenching.” -the twin’s review of wall-E

QOTD2: “those stupid kids wont appreciate that bear like we would!!!” -the twin, on the Washington Nationals giving away stuffed panda bears to kids under 12

More twin:

Belatedly: in honor of Skip Carey.. “Well, we can mourn Skip Caray with this luscious impersonation of his dad by the Braves’ own (for now) Will Ohman.”

another day. another dollar.

June 22, 2008

Who knew I’ve actually been working for five weeks now? Certainly not my bank account. HA!

Let’s recap the latest week in the big city..

Today I was pleasantly surprised by a mysterious looking package from The Brit with enough packing tape to make you want to buy stock in 3M products. And after a 5 min struggle with scissors and cursing (you know how I wasn’t allowed to have scissors at my desk in the newsroom..) lo and behold, my very own TexMex bobblehead! Now I only need a second baseman and a left fielder (Chipper’s goes to 3rd), and I’ll have a whole lineup. And look, Tex has already made friends with my Dwight Schrute bobble:


Despite not having a paycheck (yet), I had to venture to my beloved Ralph Lauren Rugby. In between polos and manicures, I found quite possibly the greatest. thing. ever. at Virgin Megastore..


GIZMOS! Me want! I think the only thing that could possibly make this better is to throw in a bunch of Ewoks.

Randomly decided to enter a 5miler race around Central Park today, and placed 5th — with the 4th place finisher ONE SECOND in front. How irritating. Esp since I had to stop to adjust my knee brace.

QOTD (via Twitter):
Curt: @dpnation Clean your teeth the tasty way with Bacon Floss:
dpnation: @curt
omg not the first person to recommend bacon floss to yours truly. what does this say about me?
Curt: Only that your love of bacon transcends that of mere mortals 🙂
dpnation: @curt
i hope they put that on my tombstone.
Ken: @dpnation @curt
That your tombstone would reference ‘mere mortals’ is delightfully ironic.

Mr. A, earlier: I don’t know why whenever I see “bacon!” it reminds me of you…LOL.  But I also can’t argue with this [bacon floss] logic. Is there anything bacon can’t improve?

Skybversations, con’t:

djprep thank you very much

Guess who leaves for Paris in a week from Wednesday? Hope those Frenchies enjoy my Spanglish and pathetic Italian.

weekend. wonder.

June 15, 2008

First it was the Yanks, now I can cross off the Mets from my to-do list. Sorta.

The new Citi Field is rising up in the outfield. Shea = not quite as a dump as Yankees stadium. But totally loses points for serving Pepsi. Bleh. Not to mention, as a die hard Braves (and Cubs) girl, there’s really just no way I can root for the Mets. Between that and my disdain for the Red Sox, I’m really not sure if that makes me a Yankees fan by default. Eek.

Anyway, last nite was Shea Stadium replica nite, where the first 25,000 fans received their limited edition stadium giveaway.

Not only did we manage to get an extra replica (three of us, four tix.. so I just entered twice), but we also found THREE more replicas just on the ground as we were walking down the ramps out of the stadium, which you may now freely bid for on eBay. Did I mention there was a torrential downpour? Yeah, so we left 45 min into the rain delay, which was a good call since the game was canceled shortly thereafter.

Today still had fluke rain (IE it was NOT in the forecast. Again.) After some ice coffee at SJP’s coffee shop, New York bagels (I’m addicted), and an $18 mani/pedi (yes, you heard me — $18!), I headed to Harlem for the Harlem Rocks cycling race. Sure, I could’ve raced in it, but I’ve been avoiding the bike since, oh, the Dartmouth disaster. And I suppose running 9 miles yesterday probably wouldn’t be the best race prep anyway.

Rock Racing is the loud and brash cycling team sponsored by Rock & Republic. (See Wiki). I do have to say, as a Ralph Lauren Rugby kind of girl, I’m loving the team’s kits and clothing.

Somewhat controversial cyclist Tyler Hamilton at the line for Rock Racing.

The pro race ended with a down to the wire finish, where the guy who won (Eric Barlevav, Time Pro Cycling) ended up crossing the line and then faceplanting at 40+ MPH. But he seemed alright and was happy with the win. I bet tomorrow will be a little less fun, once the adrenaline wears off.

My acclimation to New York is coming along nicely. Today I yelled at a guy who was asking me for a dollar for the subway because I was obviously on the phone (wishing daddy a happy day like the good daughter that I am) and that was annoying, which is only slightly better than the time that someone on the sidewalk asked me “Do you have time for the children?” to which I replied “No.”

I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get one of those New Yawk accents.

hoops. heaven.

May 24, 2008

Visiting the Nike House of Hoops in Harlem..

LeBron wall

Kicks of pro players (in their actual sizes – smallest was a 12 in Steve Nash)

As for the rest of life in The City..

The office.. next to Radio City and waayy to close to all the 5th Ave shopping.

Unfortunately, I missed this in the ATL:

The Brit collects her Mark Teixiera bobblehead. All I gotta say, is thank god for eBay. I too will have my TexMex bobble.

What else..
Kissena, the team that at some point I’ll be riding with this summer. (Yay for UVA colors). Who knew that it would take over a month for the bruises from getting run over by bikes (twice) to go away?

Speaking of which, what do a Tour de France Champion (Alberto Contador) and I have in common? Turns out, we both like to fracture our elbows!
“The 2007 Tour de France winner crashed during Saturday’s eighth stage to Tivoli. He finished in the bunch on both Saturday and Sunday but an x-ray carried during Monday’s rest day revealed a small fissure fracture at the head of the radius bone of his left forearm.”

Neverfear, living in New York will not deprive me of my favorite clothing store ever: there’s a Ralph Lauren Rugby store in the Village.

The subway is a place of marvel for a small town southerner. The things I’ve seen in one week.. most notably, the guys who were breakdancing in a relatively full train, doing flips on the pole/handrails and a two-person somersault down the aisle. It was absolutely ridic, in a good way. Other ridiculous things happen on the subway that don’t need to be mentioned.
(Two-person somersault example here.. but the subway one was way better)

In regards to the legend of the $18 mani/pedi in NYC: it’s TRUE.

picture. perfect.

March 30, 2008

Best sign ever!

And the new Nats ballpark debuted tonite.. against the Bravos! Check out the new unis. Love love love. (Brit, this pic’s for you) – Braves don new alternate uniforms
“Beach” patch as seen on the Braves unis
Check out ESPN’s World Series pick..

Trivia tidbit: Chipper Jones hit the first homerun in the Nationals ballpark

Braves home opener tomorrow (Monday). Remember last year? Winter coats + baseball = so wrong.