nova. nation.

March 12, 2010

Villanova: Tournament Ready, Since Day One

nova. nation.

April 3, 2009


Let’s hope there’s no phantom traveling call like in ‘o5 against the ‘heels.

Watch this..

Jay Wright has been on Facebook for 1.5 days and already has 1000 fans. So much gets accomplished during my day..

philly. phanatic.

March 30, 2009


‘If history repeats itself, I’ll take it,’ coach Jay Wright says of Villanova’s pursuit of its second national title.

“The play that put Villanova in the Final Four [and beat Pitt 78-76] should be known as the Dual Homage,” writes’s Luke Winn. “The inbounds pass to Dante Cunningham was in the same style of the bomb that Valparaiso threw to Bill Jenkins — to set up Bryce Drew — in 1998, in that both teams entered the ball to a leaping big man rather than the shooter. And the three-quarter-court race that Scottie Reynolds (left) went on after receiving the ball from Cunningham was reminiscent of the mad dash that UCLA‘s Tyus Edney used to beat Missouri in 1995. What sets Reynolds’s play apart is what was at stake: Nova’s first trip to the Final Four since 1985 — not just a win in the first weekend of the dance.” – Luke Winn

This is how I roll into Philly for race weekend.

Watch this.

And an interview with Jay Wright and more of the game-winning play.

snowpacalypse in seattle

December 20, 2008

Christmas break in Seattle!

Obligatory Niketown shot. I stop in probably twice a week. Hey, it’s right across the street from my bus stop! Totally valid excuse.

Pre! Technically more of an Oregon thing, but I’ll take it. Also upcoming: roadtrip to Portland for another swooshtastic day with my favorite Tarheel. Actually, technically he might be second, after Tyler Hansbrough.

Busy at work.. Celebrity Salvation Army bell ringing. Basketball legend Sheryl Swoopes and Storm mascot Doppler ring it in. Check out Swoopes’ kicks!

Dusting off 8 years of basketball rust and playing on the Sonics/Storm practice courts.

Who said anything about rain and overcast weather? Snowpacalypse in Seattle! Seattle-ites are worse than Atlantans!

Oh, and Sue Bird has one sweet ride.

hoops. heaven.

May 24, 2008

Visiting the Nike House of Hoops in Harlem..

LeBron wall

Kicks of pro players (in their actual sizes – smallest was a 12 in Steve Nash)

As for the rest of life in The City..

The office.. next to Radio City and waayy to close to all the 5th Ave shopping.

Unfortunately, I missed this in the ATL:

The Brit collects her Mark Teixiera bobblehead. All I gotta say, is thank god for eBay. I too will have my TexMex bobble.

What else..
Kissena, the team that at some point I’ll be riding with this summer. (Yay for UVA colors). Who knew that it would take over a month for the bruises from getting run over by bikes (twice) to go away?

Speaking of which, what do a Tour de France Champion (Alberto Contador) and I have in common? Turns out, we both like to fracture our elbows!
“The 2007 Tour de France winner crashed during Saturday’s eighth stage to Tivoli. He finished in the bunch on both Saturday and Sunday but an x-ray carried during Monday’s rest day revealed a small fissure fracture at the head of the radius bone of his left forearm.”

Neverfear, living in New York will not deprive me of my favorite clothing store ever: there’s a Ralph Lauren Rugby store in the Village.

The subway is a place of marvel for a small town southerner. The things I’ve seen in one week.. most notably, the guys who were breakdancing in a relatively full train, doing flips on the pole/handrails and a two-person somersault down the aisle. It was absolutely ridic, in a good way. Other ridiculous things happen on the subway that don’t need to be mentioned.
(Two-person somersault example here.. but the subway one was way better)

In regards to the legend of the $18 mani/pedi in NYC: it’s TRUE.

picture. perfect.

March 30, 2008

Best sign ever!

And the new Nats ballpark debuted tonite.. against the Bravos! Check out the new unis. Love love love. (Brit, this pic’s for you) – Braves don new alternate uniforms
“Beach” patch as seen on the Braves unis
Check out ESPN’s World Series pick..

Trivia tidbit: Chipper Jones hit the first homerun in the Nationals ballpark

Braves home opener tomorrow (Monday). Remember last year? Winter coats + baseball = so wrong.

happy. peepaster.

March 23, 2008

Georgetown loses and ‘Nova in the Sweet Sixteen.. could my weekend get any better?!

Also.. dpnation is now officially on Facebook! Become a fan here.

And, and oldie but a goodie.. microwaving peeps.