nation. nods.

December 9, 2009

Speaking of people who recently started blogs, a shoutout goes to my b-school friend/stylist/wedding planner/life coach, who just launched a new blog, Project Shannon. She is to style as what I am to bacon. (Enthusiast, connoisseur, expert, consumer.. take your pick.) Read on for content which its subject matter does not involve TiVo, sneakers or Snuggies (likely a welcome relief for you all)!

fierce. fleeces.

October 26, 2009

It has been debated endlessly: is BC truly Notre Dame’s rival? With chicken and egg arguments like this you have to turn to an unbiased and trusted judge…like the Snuggie Company. If the maker of the revolutionary blanket with arms think the Irish and Eagles are rivals, than I think the case is closed.

via @CSS01 via

The Notre Dame snuggie wearer thinks it’s acceptable to punch a woman in the face.

transition. time.

August 24, 2009

Aaaand the transition never ends. In addition to needing some key pieces of furniture, I also had to figure out the whole legality of my residency in a new state. I begrudgingly headed to hell on earth, aka the DMV, to attempt getting a new license, tags and title done in one fell swoop (it took me at least 3 tries in Virginia). Things didn’t look so promising when I arrived at the state offices 20 min early, with a good 15-20 people already in line. Shockingly enough, not only did I actually have all the necessary paperwork (CP, you will need – 1) auto insurance 2) tags 3) state inspection — in that order), but I also made it out with the best non-personalized license plates I could ever get! No, it’s not death car. Behold:



Although, I have another idea up my sleeve having to do with this, so stay tuned.

The first of many wedding-related events took place in North Carolina. Pig roast to celebrate the impending nuptials of big bro, but really a good excuse for the families (ie parents) to meet one another. It was a grand success, but then again, how could people not get along famously when feasting on 110 pounds of pig, hush puppies and jello shots? (not kidding, even my mom did one — she was probably trying to be polite).

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

Next up on the travel itinerary?That’s right! I have a few more weeks to work on my poker face and learn how to count cards. I will be refraining from using the cliche Las Vegas saying though.

And everything else in a nutshell:
– shopping for a new cross bike, turns out I picked out Gisele’s all on my own! In the meantime, I am borrowing a bike to try CX out.
– CP is moving here!
– I finally bought a couch. Welcome to adulthood.
– got the most epic flat tire 10 mi into an attempted century with an Ironman-in-training. 120psi to flat in a matter of seconds. So we patched the tire with a wrapper found on the side of the road, made it back to the bike shop, where I got some snazzy white-walled tires and Chuck ended up with neon green tires/tape and a squeeky sumo for his aero bars. We still managed to get 75 mi in and I got an Anna’s burrito while watching CD do hill climbs.
– I got an inflatable pool for my backyard. True story.
meet the cutest dog in the whole world. And yes, that XS BC dog sweater is from yours truly.

grownup. gal.

August 2, 2009

Entering: The Next Episode. Once again, I’m heading into the workforce. Welcome, paychecks, benefits and the next career step. Goodbye, summer vacation, Thirsty Thursdays and accounting class.

Going along with the grown up phase of my life is a new place to live. After tireless weeks/months spent researching and a whole lotta legwork (who knew realtors were so sketchy? I’m looking at you, RE/MAX), behold:

My new place! Even my car has a place to live, something that I thought was such wishful thinking, that I didn’t even bother to look for it during my property search.

So the entry way once you get inside the foyer has this little nook that is begging for something to be put there, like some fake flowers or an homage to yours truly (Kathleen’s idea — turns out, it looked more like a memorial). So I think I’ve found the solution: lighted slate wall fountain!

John: “That may be even better than the marathon picture, very inviting and soothing sounds for the hall way. Much like a holiday inn. Excellent choice.”

Kathleen: “hahahah the only thing better than that would be a virgin mary”

To go along with my grown up house and grown up job, I’ve decided to get grown up furniture. The days of being excited over IKEA stuff are gone (although, for a temporary fix, they are perfectly adequate — not trying to knock IKEA like I do the Olive Garden.) So after dropping the 2nd most money I have ever spent (Ridley still wins that honor), I am now equipped with some great pieces. Thank god for relocation money. Now that I have all this fab stuff, I guess it’s time to show up to work to start earning my keep. Goodbye, grad school life. It was fun while it lasted.

photographic. proof.

June 4, 2009

For all those doubters out there (ahem, Skybil), here is some photographic proof of my master-dom.

Also, for my Dean’s award (see next post).. I hope this is like the Heisman, where people have to introduce me as ‘Dean Commended D ana P rey’ in all social situations.

What’s next on the path to world domination?

master. me.

May 21, 2009

That’s right! Please address me as ‘master’ from now on. The diploma is entirely in Latin, and my one year in 8th grade Latin class has proven not to be sufficient enough to translate the document. So really, it could just say ‘master of useless knowledge’ and nobody would know the difference.

Also, I can’t believe the time I win an [academic] award, the Dean forgets the list and as result did not announce the names.

Here’s the proof though. It’s legit, y’all.

Update: kylekinnaman – Something about seeing the #danahead above AA preggers ad makes me want to fire up the GIMP (formerly Photoshop).

marathon. monday.

April 23, 2009

How to race a crit. Or, not.

it’s always better breaking at inappropriate times so that the rest of the field considers you slightly insane.” -A-dub

This weekend was a double dose of everything — double the races (cycling and running), double the P rey’s (D ana and J enny). Yes, The Twin was in Boston for the marathon to cheer on CB.

First things first: The marathon expo. Like a kid in a candy shop, it was complete sensory overload. The initial stop was at Nike, of course.

Yes, the LunaRacer are the same shoes that yours truly wore in the NYC Half Marathon last summer. They are light as a feather and look like a spaceship. Kara Goucher wore them in the NYC Marathon in the fall too. Oh, and she’s a 10K runner turned successful marathoner.. should I be taking the hint too?

Adidas = official apparel sponsor = 21 years of marathon jackets on display. Another shot. Pretty impressive.

Marathon Monday: We're ready.

After dropping CB off at the shuttle buses at an ungodly hour Monday morning, The Twin and I went back to bed. After our early morning nap, we took our breakfast provisions to Heartbreak Hill and proceeded to wait for the elites and CB to come tearing down the course.

First came the women:

Kara’s race strategy? “Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait SPRINT!” Apparently the race pace was a little slow (if you can call a sub 6-min marathon pace slow), and Kara took third. Not bad considering it’s her 2nd marathon ever. Ryan Hall took 3rd for the elite men. Go America.

And Chris destroyed the elusive 3-hour milestone by more than 5 min. It should be noted that Chris’ marathon success can only be attributed to the forced watching of The Ewok Adventure the night before (i.e. Prey Twin favorite movie of all time).



We didn’t have time to watch the highly anticipated sequel, The Battle for Endor, but we’re sure that it’s being cued up on Chris’ Netflix as we speak.

My cycling race plan for this weekend? “Maybe we can have a makeup marathon party before the MIT crit and then throw drunken attacks that weave and go slowly and fade rapidly.” Yes, I think we have a winner.

Now, wrapping up life as a graduate student and trying to figure out what to do with my future. I am open to your suggestions..