bacon. bonanza.

April 19, 2010

Marathon Monday = Christmas in April

How to make this week any better? Two words. Bacon. Beer.

Yes, it’s true..

It’s as if this was my own birthday party so thoughtfully planned out by complete strangers. Not on my birthday.

Questions that linger:
– will this hold up to the original baconfest, the one Skybil and I discovered before it was even cool to like bacon?
– how much bacon is too much bacon? Unlike beer, which gives you a pretty good indication on when you should be put in timeout.
why am I racing at Dartmouth the next day? Not even sure why I’m going at all. If you recall, this was the scene of my most horrific crash to date. (And shockingly, that was NOT the elbow fracture).
– how do I top my outfit from Halloween?


green. gladiator.

September 28, 2009

Who knew that Tom Boonen, the green jersey winner of the 2007 Tour de France and resident cycling hunk, did such awesome product sponsorship spots?

Randomly, I came across the back cover of an old CycleSport magazine, I have no idea how this ad went unnoticed for so long:

And why it is not prominently featured via internet search is beyond me. Hopefully this post helps resolve that issue.

This just reaffirms that Belgium is the producer of great things: Tom Boonen, Ridley bikes, waffles and beer.

marathon. monday.

April 23, 2009

How to race a crit. Or, not.

it’s always better breaking at inappropriate times so that the rest of the field considers you slightly insane.” -A-dub

This weekend was a double dose of everything — double the races (cycling and running), double the P rey’s (D ana and J enny). Yes, The Twin was in Boston for the marathon to cheer on CB.

First things first: The marathon expo. Like a kid in a candy shop, it was complete sensory overload. The initial stop was at Nike, of course.

Yes, the LunaRacer are the same shoes that yours truly wore in the NYC Half Marathon last summer. They are light as a feather and look like a spaceship. Kara Goucher wore them in the NYC Marathon in the fall too. Oh, and she’s a 10K runner turned successful marathoner.. should I be taking the hint too?

Adidas = official apparel sponsor = 21 years of marathon jackets on display. Another shot. Pretty impressive.

Marathon Monday: We're ready.

After dropping CB off at the shuttle buses at an ungodly hour Monday morning, The Twin and I went back to bed. After our early morning nap, we took our breakfast provisions to Heartbreak Hill and proceeded to wait for the elites and CB to come tearing down the course.

First came the women:

Kara’s race strategy? “Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait SPRINT!” Apparently the race pace was a little slow (if you can call a sub 6-min marathon pace slow), and Kara took third. Not bad considering it’s her 2nd marathon ever. Ryan Hall took 3rd for the elite men. Go America.

And Chris destroyed the elusive 3-hour milestone by more than 5 min. It should be noted that Chris’ marathon success can only be attributed to the forced watching of The Ewok Adventure the night before (i.e. Prey Twin favorite movie of all time).



We didn’t have time to watch the highly anticipated sequel, The Battle for Endor, but we’re sure that it’s being cued up on Chris’ Netflix as we speak.

My cycling race plan for this weekend? “Maybe we can have a makeup marathon party before the MIT crit and then throw drunken attacks that weave and go slowly and fade rapidly.” Yes, I think we have a winner.

Now, wrapping up life as a graduate student and trying to figure out what to do with my future. I am open to your suggestions..

go. green.

March 17, 2009

Kiss me.. I’m Italian?

Let the real Irish along with the fair weathered and pretend Irish have their day.. at least it involves green beer. We will totally hop on that bandwagon.

pool. pong.

September 14, 2007

From: Ryan
Date: Sep 14, 2007 10:59 AM
Subject: Pong
To: “Cybil”, “Rachel”, “Marijka”

Perhaps it is time to give Dana her “hope all is well” gift.

Oh wait, did I spoil the surprise?

busy. bee.

September 8, 2007

Okay, who thought b-school was a good idea?

Random updates while I have a second to breathe:

CP has put me in her Fave 5. Somehow, she thinks I must be a drunk or something, I have no idea where she gets that impression: “Your icon for myfaves is a frothy mug of beer. hahahahaha!”

First Clambake ever. I’m soooo New England. Check out what I had for lunch:

Skybil’s advice: “WOW! Don’t suck the heads, you need to work up to that!”
Also, her opinion of the Boston Creme Pie we had for dessert: “Two words: Over rated!” (we thinks someone is jealous)

My second is up, back to work..

after. math.

August 13, 2007

BaconFest II

Surprise theme: BACONNNNNNNN!