world. watching.

June 22, 2010

It’s that time again.. once every four years that those of us in the States pay attention to soccer football. What’s unfortunate is that stupid vuvuzela makes watching games like you have a ginormous hangover for the entire 90 min. If rugby was smart enough to ban them in South Africa, why can’t the football gods?

Even more importantly, what might inspire more Americans isn’t fancy footwork or actually winning (Slovenia? Really?) Why don’t we take a page from the Italians and their partnership with Dolce and Gabbana?

Okay, so I’m slightly biased because I’m part Italian, but seriously.. Count me in!

body. building.

September 8, 2008

Don’t call me chicken legs anymore! After demonstrating Hulk-like strengths doing squats at the gym, I’m now referred to as ‘Quadzilla’.

Lance Armstrong’s comeback.. possibly dumber than Favre’s.

Email of the day:
From: Skybil
Subject: OK, it’s about time I start abusing your MBA
To: “Dana”

We need to start churning out the iphone applications. I have ideas, I’m just an idiot. This is where you come in. You on board??


QOTD: “If you ever want to make a training trip out to CO, you’ve got a place to crash anytime (crash as in sleep, not crash as in crash your bike).”

QOTD2: “‘My booty is stale.’ If I had Facebook, that would be my status.” -Kimlicious, in reference to her subpar tasting Pirate Booty snack

Also, I totally want a WALL-E. The twin was right: So happy, yet so heartwrenching.

seersucker, jello and funerals. typical.

May 28, 2008

Skybil: The New York Times has zeroed in on one of my fears: “Has anyone ever told you that you looked sad or tired when you weren’t? If the problem isn’t your mood, it might be your face.”
What Your Eyes Say About Your Mood – New York Times Blog
DP: oh, it’s definitely your face. just ask the ladies at dunkin donuts.
Skybil: HUMPH
DP: ‘you look tired’
Skybil: What??? I’m not tired at all! — Her: No, you don’t look good.
DP: you need to adjust your attitude.. i have just the solution: seersucker. nobody pouts in seersucker.
Skybil: Uh huh
Skybil: Like a drunken cartoon character with a southern accent
DP: btw, been discussing jello shots with boss for last 30 min
Skybil: NICE!!! You have an excellent recipe
DP: my reputation precedes me
Skybil: I’d like to place a standing request to have you make jello shots at ALL of my parties
Skybil: Even those for small children
Skybil: Whatever … JELLO SHOTS
DP: baby showers!
DP: baptisms!
Skybil: YES
DP: bar mitsvahs
DP: (no idea how to spell.. i’m clearly not jewish)
Skybil: Funerals!
Skybil: Here’s to grandma!
DP: she will be missed.. tear.
Skybil: indeed
Skybil: My jello is sticking!
DP: better than being dead!
DP: always the optimist
Skybil: Dana’s Jello shots are better than being dead
Skybil: You should (TM) that