nova. nation.

April 3, 2009


Let’s hope there’s no phantom traveling call like in ‘o5 against the ‘heels.

Watch this..

Jay Wright has been on Facebook for 1.5 days and already has 1000 fans. So much gets accomplished during my day..


cyberterrorizing. cybil.

January 7, 2009

Ah, cyber-terrorism via remote location. It’s almost too easy..

skybil: EVIL!
skybil: I think I jumped when I logged in today

(who doesn’t love danaheads as their desktop wallpaper?)

And who says you have to be famous in order to have your Twitter hacked?

Skybil should at least be happy that there are no signs of Clippy.. yet.

Update: She’s now throwing around false accusations!

Skybil (12:24:23 PM): YOU!
Skybil (12:24:27 PM): I thought it was Sean
The Brit (12:24:30 PM): me
Skybil (12:24:31 PM): BUT IT WAS YOU
The Brit (12:24:35 PM): wot?
Skybil (12:24:35 PM): I trusted you!
Skybil (12:24:48 PM): I jumped when I saw the Danaheads!
Skybil (12:24:51 PM): Hee hee!

snowpacalypse in seattle

December 20, 2008

Christmas break in Seattle!

Obligatory Niketown shot. I stop in probably twice a week. Hey, it’s right across the street from my bus stop! Totally valid excuse.

Pre! Technically more of an Oregon thing, but I’ll take it. Also upcoming: roadtrip to Portland for another swooshtastic day with my favorite Tarheel. Actually, technically he might be second, after Tyler Hansbrough.

Busy at work.. Celebrity Salvation Army bell ringing. Basketball legend Sheryl Swoopes and Storm mascot Doppler ring it in. Check out Swoopes’ kicks!

Dusting off 8 years of basketball rust and playing on the Sonics/Storm practice courts.

Who said anything about rain and overcast weather? Snowpacalypse in Seattle! Seattle-ites are worse than Atlantans!

Oh, and Sue Bird has one sweet ride.

sensitive. skybil.

August 14, 2008

Another day, another G-chat war.

And of course, Greg’s interest was piqued.. [from Skybil’s Facebook wall]

Via email:
From: Greg
To: Skybil
Subject: Howdy

PS, Clippy?

From: Skybil
To: Greg
Subject: Re: Howdy

D ana is tormenting me about her “best office prank ever.” She installed a fake Microsoft ‘clippy’ character on my computer and it would pop up every five seconds to say things like: I see that you have internet explorer on your computer. You can use that to search for things on the Internet.

After about 10 minutes of this, I completely lost my mind!

From: Greg
To: Skybil
Subject: Re: Howdy

That made me laugh so hard I think I’m going to explode.


Yeah, Skybil’s still a little sensitive about the whole Clippy incident. Which has enjoyed a new resurgence of life in the newsroom, as it has been requested out of popular demand today. You can download your own copy here. And btw, it’s much more effective when stealth-installed on some unassuming technology illiterate challenged journalist type’s computer. Like, Skybil.

A sampling of Clippy quotes:
– It appears you are connected to the Internet.
– I see that you have been using your mouse.
– Your computer seems to be turned on.
– Your productivity has been decreasing lately. I hope everything is ok.
– Your posture seems to be degrading, please reposition yourself now.
– Background processing has rated your typing speed to be below normal.
– Would you like me to go away?
– I noticed you have Internet Explorer installed on your system. You can use that to find things on the Internet.

And look, Skybil already has her next Halloween costume in the works:

Insert Skybil here

Long live Clippy!

dwight. day.

July 17, 2008

Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight K. Schrute from The Office, was at CNN today! The Brit hostilely made me submit an iReport, which quickly became a monster in the newsroom. Behold:

Email from The Brit:
Subject: I don’t see a submission from your Dwight bobblehead yet

So like the good obedient child that I am, I put together my very first iReport:

Next email from The Brit:
The iReport team are complaining that you didn’t send video…

Comments from inside the building, useful suggestion at end.

The Brit:
I made her send it!
The Brit:
and have berated her for it not being video
Thank you, saves me from having to do it.
I’m betting not first time she’s gotten berated for “doesn’t follow directions.”
it’s gotten 56 hits in 14 minutes.
The Brit:
really? oh lord, she’ll be insufferable. But 50 of those prob from inside here
DW: i don’t know how the click counts work internally. she didn’t even have her picture in her profile. i’m pretty sure some of our users get additional clicks because of picture they choose
The Brit: it’s her first submission, bless her
i’m just saying. she’s got her logo. i’m estimating that picture of female is good for at least a 10% increase in clicks. more if they’re cute.

More, via IM:
The Brit: … But I have created a whole new audience for dpnation …
DP: i just changed my profile pic
The Brit: a man wandering past my cube says “that’ll work”

And somewhere out of this, I think got hitched:
y++: breaking news!
y++: Deeps is now my gf
Skybil: WOW!!
y++: yes
Skybil: Let me start spreading rumors …
y++: fictional, perhaps, but where’s the line these days
y++: yes yes, she’s my gf
Skybil: True. Lots of relationships are based on fiction!
y++: entirely
Skybil: Indeed

DW comes through on my iReport, clears for on air usage!

DW: “I’ll make an exception and vet this one.”

Q&A between DW and DP (required for iReports used on CNN):
Did you take the picture? — YES and those are my bobbles (Teixiera is a gift from the Brit herself)
What kind of camera did you use? — iPhone, hence why the picture quality is so awful
Where do you live? NYC
What do you do? MBA/online celebrity/bacon enthusiast
Are you over 18? pretty sure, yes.

They begin to realize they’ve created a monster:
Skybil: You’ve made Dana insufferable!!
Skybil: I blame you
DW: made?
Skybil: Good point

Going live in 3.. 2..
The Brit: make sure you watch this thing on dotcom live
The Brit: there may be a surprise for you

Wes’ brush with fame and 20/20 hindsight:
Wes: OMG OMG I just got to shake dwight schrute’s hand
Wes: he even talked to me
Wes: bet you’re regretting business school now

Dwight signing T’s [exercise] ball.

See Dwight head to the weather center and do the forecast for CNN. Unsure of what he did to Chad Myers, the regular weather guy.

m++’s ultimate plan:
m++: skybil has given me a strategy on how to get you down here
m++: deeps, your hair looks terrible, you need to visit your stylist here
[he may be onto something here..]

cold. lanta.

January 3, 2008

Skybil reports from the frozen tundra also known as the newsroom:

Day Two of No Heat In The Newsroom:

To keep ourseleves warm, we compiled this …

1. I’m afraid if I hit my fingers – they would shatter
2. OSHA refuses to visit until it warms up
3. I’m standing in front of the open refrigerator to keep warm
4. I would wear UGA ear muffs
5. We asked for I-Reports of the Sun
6. We’ve been asked to participate in the new “Survivor: Newsroom”
7. The hot chocolate delivery guys drank it all.
8. I keep cheering for the Thrashers
9. Al Gore is reconsidering his stance on global warming.

bagel. burgler.

November 14, 2007

The situation:

My mental image: