dark. days.

May 23, 2011

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It’s happened.

I’m not sure who I am anymore.

The die hard roadie just got herself a mountain bike??

Oh, but it sure is PRETTY.

Lord Kegasus

Meet Lord Kegasus, my new (to me) 2010 Trek Top Fuel 9.8. I’m still not sure what exactly I’ll be doing with it (probably riding/falling/crashing/flailing more than racing or showing any signs of competence), but hey maybe I’ll acquire some much desired steering skillz that have eluded me riding exclusively on the road.

Thanks to Uri for letting me borrow his extra Fisher for the last year and helping me commit to yet another financially zapping hobby.. disposable income is overrated, anyway.

And to all my mtb friends.. you may regret offering to teach me the ways of the dirt. It’s a good thing I have so many of you to burn through.

lacking. lefts.

September 19, 2010

Dear Internet,

Is there a reason why I cannot make lefthand turns?

Heart (and sad face),

nonexistent. nation.

August 8, 2010

August already?? What’s even more shocking about the speed of time is the fact that it’s August and there is no air conditioning use occurring. This DEF doesn’t happen in the south. The lack of air conditioning temps can only mean one depressing thing: cold and dark days are ahead.

So, what has been so distracting from regular blog updates? Here’s a hint:

The Wall of Pain! It started off last fall looking decidely less crowded. Thanks to cycling, race frequency exploded exponentially (practically every weekend v. every month or so).

The Wall of Pain

I couldn’t even get the whole picture to fit. Here’s a further away attempt.

Massachusetts Criterium State Championships

This summer alone I’ve completed 18 road cycling races (the 19th and final road race will be on Wed). The only thing worse than complete burnout is the mental estimate of $$ spent on race dues. And that’s just the beginning, cyclocross season is right around the corner! And I wonder where my disposable income and free time goes.

I wish there was something more exciting to post about for the non-cycling audience, but really, you’ll just have to deal with it until I get a normal hobby. Of course, more frequent updates can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pt II and Foursquare.

chalk. chatter.

July 9, 2010

Le Tour. It’s French for The Tour. I’m totally multilingual, ya’ll.

Back for its second year, we’re not talking about retirement-spurned Lancelot, but the Nike Chalkbot! Graffiti the French countryside with a message that will forever last in history be around til it rains.

The only thing more exciting would be if a fight broke out and a cyclist used a wheel as a weapon. Wait..

Make your own Chalkbot message here.

acute. alteration.

May 6, 2010

So, my non-collegiate spandex/team kit is brought to you by the clothing company Giordana. I’ve always liked this because 1) Giordana makes good stuff 2) it’s Italian and 3) it has the word ‘dana’ in the name. What isn’t there to like?

Naturally, I have one improvement.

I’m sure the folks at IBC won’t mind the slight modification.

Rage against Ridley

March 24, 2010

Need to harness inner rage. Need some motivating songs for a 30 min all out blitz session. Any suggestions, Nation?

Some of my all time running faves:
– Push it, Garbage
– Stronger, Britney Spears
– Change, Deftones
– Song 2, Blur
– Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin
– Faint, Linkin Park
– List of Demands, Saul Williams
– Riot, Sugarcult
– Get Free, The Vines

Got some to add?

green. gladiator.

September 28, 2009

Who knew that Tom Boonen, the green jersey winner of the 2007 Tour de France and resident cycling hunk, did such awesome product sponsorship spots?

Randomly, I came across the back cover of an old CycleSport magazine, I have no idea how this ad went unnoticed for so long:

And why it is not prominently featured via internet search is beyond me. Hopefully this post helps resolve that issue.

This just reaffirms that Belgium is the producer of great things: Tom Boonen, Ridley bikes, waffles and beer.