practical. presents.

March 6, 2010

Happy birthday, Skybil!

What do you get somebody who can already run for office?

Remember that one conversation where we talked about acceptable presents from people? Happy bday, from all your favorite acceptable presents!

The Nation

The Preteen

The Brit

The master

The tree

riddle me this

December 31, 2009

Holla back, ya’ll. Dear Nation, _______ ?

and a danahead in a pear tree

December 23, 2009

Merry Danamas from your friends at The Nation! May ye all be showered in bacon and Snuggies this holla-day season.

p rey. pardoned.

November 26, 2009

Obama’s first presidential pardon

Happy Danagiving! Hope everyone had a turbaconducken for the feast!

fraudulent. findings.

November 15, 2009

So my friends at Chase Visa gave me a call last week, to inform me that they were shutting down my card, as they feared it had been compromised. It was a little odd, since they called to tell me they were giving me the kabosh, rather than asking if I wanted it to be shut down. But I digress, that’s not the point of the story.

After the rep said that they were putting the card on hold, he wanted to go through some recent transactions to make sure that they were legit. Sure, no problem. But I had no idea that going over one’s purchasing habits with a total stranger would be so…. revealing.

Rep: Niketown in San Francisco on 11/5?
DP: okay, so it wasn’t purely a business trip. At least I didn’t put it on the corp AMEX?

Rep: Walgreens on 11/9?
DP: Hmm.. oh yes, that was the dog Snuggie.

Rep: International Bicycle for [let’s just say a lot of money]?
DP: I obviously needed a new cyclocross bike. Don’t judge.

Rep: Educational Consulting Services for $1.50?
DP: That one definitely sounds suspicious.

I hope being credit card-less will be an acceptable excuse not to buy anyone xmas presents this year. Right?

plentiful. pumpkins.

October 31, 2009

happy danaween!
Happy Danaween from your friends at The Nation.

What’s everyone’s costumes this year? Here’s a hint of mine:

transition. time.

August 24, 2009

Aaaand the transition never ends. In addition to needing some key pieces of furniture, I also had to figure out the whole legality of my residency in a new state. I begrudgingly headed to hell on earth, aka the DMV, to attempt getting a new license, tags and title done in one fell swoop (it took me at least 3 tries in Virginia). Things didn’t look so promising when I arrived at the state offices 20 min early, with a good 15-20 people already in line. Shockingly enough, not only did I actually have all the necessary paperwork (CP, you will need – 1) auto insurance 2) tags 3) state inspection — in that order), but I also made it out with the best non-personalized license plates I could ever get! No, it’s not death car. Behold:



Although, I have another idea up my sleeve having to do with this, so stay tuned.

The first of many wedding-related events took place in North Carolina. Pig roast to celebrate the impending nuptials of big bro, but really a good excuse for the families (ie parents) to meet one another. It was a grand success, but then again, how could people not get along famously when feasting on 110 pounds of pig, hush puppies and jello shots? (not kidding, even my mom did one — she was probably trying to be polite).

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

Next up on the travel itinerary?That’s right! I have a few more weeks to work on my poker face and learn how to count cards. I will be refraining from using the cliche Las Vegas saying though.

And everything else in a nutshell:
– shopping for a new cross bike, turns out I picked out Gisele’s all on my own! In the meantime, I am borrowing a bike to try CX out.
– CP is moving here!
– I finally bought a couch. Welcome to adulthood.
– got the most epic flat tire 10 mi into an attempted century with an Ironman-in-training. 120psi to flat in a matter of seconds. So we patched the tire with a wrapper found on the side of the road, made it back to the bike shop, where I got some snazzy white-walled tires and Chuck ended up with neon green tires/tape and a squeeky sumo for his aero bars. We still managed to get 75 mi in and I got an Anna’s burrito while watching CD do hill climbs.
– I got an inflatable pool for my backyard. True story.
meet the cutest dog in the whole world. And yes, that XS BC dog sweater is from yours truly.