p rey. pardoned.

November 26, 2009

Obama’s first presidential pardon

Happy Danagiving! Hope everyone had a turbaconducken for the feast!

NoVA. Nation.

September 6, 2009

Arlington, VA: Straight up gangsta. I’m packing heat and boat shoes.

peep. show.

April 12, 2009

The third annual Washington Post Peeps contest!

My favorite? #29, the Peep-E one, of course! It’s even made out of bike parts. The Twin likes the As Seen on TV one (#39), Octo-peep (#3) is pretty funny (even though I hate that woman with a passion), and Arethra’s hat rules (#9).

Peeps Show III – washingtonpost.com

singing. sensation.

January 23, 2009

Didn’t you notice that I sang at the inauguration too? Or were you just distracted by my awesome hat?

dictator. dp.

January 21, 2009

I, Nation, do solemnly swear..

dana. wood.

October 24, 2008

Palm trees? Check.
Smog? Check.
Welcome to Los Angeles!

Just went from 30-some degrees to 80+. The Patagonia fleece will no longer be necessary.

And good lucks across to the Eastern Time zone, where The Twin is running the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend!

Run Twin Run!

It’s just like the NYC Half.. only twice.

thirteen. point 1.

June 2, 2008

Both The Twin and I just found out that we got entries into the New York City Half Marathon!

And you know who’s hosting it.. the Swoosh, of course. Which might make one wonder about a certain store in a certain city of residence for the summer that has yet to be checked off the list. Oh please, I was at the NYC Niketown within 24 hours of being in the city.

Let’s put this baby up on the big board:

Also, going on an impromptu roadtrip to DC this weekend. Where apparently we’re going running. Well, I suppose I do actually have training to do now..