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April 29, 2010

Recently at the Cupcakes and Cocktails event on Newbury St., my liberal friend CP (if you can’t make peace over cupcakes, where can you?) made the observation that my political views, much like many other things in my life, are an anomaly. Having grown up in a small, southern town (and in a Catholic family), my conservative roots have been in place for decades.

However, as I transition from the twilight of my youth to quasi-adulthood, my political views can be summed up in the following: I don’t care what you do, who you marry, or how you are paying for healthcare.. as long as you leave me and my hard earned money out of it. And you’re generally not an IDIOT (no crying for a bailout when you buy a home you clearly can’t afford). So that’s kinda libertarian, but I really don’t want to move to Verhampshire and live in the bush and not shave my legs to embrace the affiliation.

So after some big think tanking (the booze helped), we came up with this. This ain’t your average Libertarian or Conservative Party.. this conservative libertarianism is a revolution:


We focus primarily on fair taxes, personal accountability and seersucker. Based on one-day feedback via Twitter, the movement is strong.

Pretty sure the Tea Party is regretting not recruiting me to be their mascot/chairperson.

vegas. virgins.

October 12, 2009

VEGASSSSSS. Ignoring the fact that there has already been another trip taken and in queue for the blog report, we will get on with the Vegas weekend recap. As you can already tell, it was a huge success — a $13 cashout at the airport slots (off of a $5 investment). I came, I saw, I conquered.

So this summer has been packed with weddings and wedding related events, but this one was more difficult to swing in the workplace. A bachelorette? Hmm. A bachelorette in Vegas? Yup, my coworkers must think I’m a ginormous hooker.

Things learnt while on our inaugural trip to Vegas:
– throwing [new] underwear all over the bachelorette’s bed is a normal activity
– you can visit any major landmark, regardless which country it actually resides in. Don’t consider this an appropriate substitute for the real thing.
– we have a very classy broad entering the Prey family..
– the Bellagio brunch with all you can drink champagne is quite possibly the greatest activity (and bargain at $29) in the world
Keno is the new blackjack
– Wet Republic (the VIP pool) is like being on MTV
– I might have been the only person in the world to bring an issue of Business Week to said pool
– Stacey is the queen of getting us invited into expensive cabanas
– bring your walking shoes.. The Strip goes on for milessss.
– one can’t be afraid of seeing boobs and equally offensive imagery, as inappropriate fliers completely litter the streets
– Grey Goose comes in gallon-sized bottles
– I really don’t own any Vegas appropriate [ie slutty] clothes
– chicks can get in anywhere they want in town
– it’s totally appropriate to take a stretch Hummer to get around town
– not at all a shocker: Pete Rose in Vegas
– Six Sigma training is brutal on its own. Six Sigma training the day after Vegas is suicidal.

what cab?

what cab?

Til the next wedding event..

pink. planning.

September 29, 2007

Nikipink99: so now that I officially know 3 people who live in Boston, I think its reason enough to make a trip….. I’m thinking perhaps late spring
Nikipink99: since its already getting cold there I am sure
Nikipink99: and well, I don’t get pedicures to have to shove my feet in shoes.
Nikipink99: so until its flip flop weather, Beantown might not get a personal shoutout. Nonetheless, I am way excited you are there basking in the bad accents and cold. Go Eagles.
Nikipink99: I highly recommend you keep up the new running routes so as to be able to consumer more liquor in the winter months to keep yourself warm.
Nikipink99: and p.s. I felt like a damn celebrity on dpnation when I was in your smut column commenting on your website

caption. this.

June 26, 2007

Please leave suggested captions in the comments..

after. math.

June 19, 2007

Nothing like recovering from a weekend like watching the Bravos beat up the Red Sux while getting paid to do so. (And, avoiding the rain in my nice dry newsroom).

Weekender wisdom and quotables:

ohnocheese: what
Auto response from SPOON10: omg.. atlanta diner
ohnocheese: get me a pork chop
—– (did you know they have beef patties now too?)

Taxi driver: “Ma’am, you need to put out that cigarette”
Edith: “It’s 3am and we’re in Midtown. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

Cab Driver: “I have to put on some Billy Jean for you”
Greatest. Cab. Ever.

Atlanta Diner wisdom: “I can’t wait for my life.”

Julie solidifies her spot as ‘the drunk girl’ at Screen on the Green.
Manav (via text at SOTG): “You will never ride my bicycle.”
—– [take me back, damnit!]

Life Lesson #9047823377: You get a lot more booze when paying with a $100 bill.

Leasing agent: “I’m sorry I was just dancing to Rhianna.”

Two coworkers today, separately: “Are you sober yet?”

Anyone remember anything else?

pong. partner.

June 13, 2007

I have found a new beer pong partner:

and slightly related:
Auto response from guyzbliss: beer pong/bong practice @ dan’s!

Mr. A and Danny are practicing for their arrival in ATL tonite.. they’re gonna need their A-game against the pros on Team VickBall. Perhaps we will find Mr. A a nice young chap at Halo during the Esperanza party. Well, in the least he can help me pick out an outfit (sorry, Dan, I’m assuming he’s hardwired for this sort of thing).

tea. partay.

May 10, 2007

No one’s harder than a New England gangsta. Smirnoff Hard Tea for the ultimate rebel in seersucker!

“We’re chillin from our heads in white tennis visors, right down to our toes in a pair of Topsiders.”

Confused? You need the Preppy Handbook. How could you not love a book that has a chapter devoted to monogramming?

And no, I didn’t write it. It was actually published in prehistoric-preDana times – i.e. – 1980. More after the jump.

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