sphinxy. substitute.

August 11, 2011

While I’m too busy not blogging about my myself, it’s a good thing someone else IS!

Announcing my debut on NPR’s featured Tacky Tourist Photos blog!

Also to be mentioned, I’ll be appearing on the Pongr advertising blog thanks to my fascination of American brands in foreign countries. Will link when ready.

vegas. virgins.

October 12, 2009

VEGASSSSSS. Ignoring the fact that there has already been another trip taken and in queue for the blog report, we will get on with the Vegas weekend recap. As you can already tell, it was a huge success — a $13 cashout at the airport slots (off of a $5 investment). I came, I saw, I conquered.

So this summer has been packed with weddings and wedding related events, but this one was more difficult to swing in the workplace. A bachelorette? Hmm. A bachelorette in Vegas? Yup, my coworkers must think I’m a ginormous hooker.

Things learnt while on our inaugural trip to Vegas:
– throwing [new] underwear all over the bachelorette’s bed is a normal activity
– you can visit any major landmark, regardless which country it actually resides in. Don’t consider this an appropriate substitute for the real thing.
– we have a very classy broad entering the Prey family..
– the Bellagio brunch with all you can drink champagne is quite possibly the greatest activity (and bargain at $29) in the world
Keno is the new blackjack
– Wet Republic (the VIP pool) is like being on MTV
– I might have been the only person in the world to bring an issue of Business Week to said pool
– Stacey is the queen of getting us invited into expensive cabanas
– bring your walking shoes.. The Strip goes on for milessss.
– one can’t be afraid of seeing boobs and equally offensive imagery, as inappropriate fliers completely litter the streets
– Grey Goose comes in gallon-sized bottles
– I really don’t own any Vegas appropriate [ie slutty] clothes
– chicks can get in anywhere they want in town
– it’s totally appropriate to take a stretch Hummer to get around town
– not at all a shocker: Pete Rose in Vegas
– Six Sigma training is brutal on its own. Six Sigma training the day after Vegas is suicidal.

what cab?

what cab?

Til the next wedding event..

u-fries. u-phoria.

September 29, 2009

Back to the dirty dirty to make good on my bet (oh, and go a wedding).

Warning: videos are basically only funny to those who were actually feasting at U-Joint. It was probably the beer.

Important lessons learnt from the wedding weekend:

1. Don’t wait til the last minute to realize that you still need to buy a wedding present.

2. But neverfear, as long as said couple is not on Twitter, you can still receive sound advice:
– @jaredlombard @dpnation See if they registered on theknot.com?
– @Cybil @dpnation Forget finding out where they are registered, bacon always makes a lovely gift.
[for the record, they were indeed found on theknot.com. And they will be receiving a deep fryer shortly]

3. If you are male, deny deny deny:
– @jaredlombard @dpnation I plead the 5th about knowing about theknot.com.

4. Don’t call it a comeback!
– @uvatexn Excited about the ‘triumphant return’ to #ATL of @dpnation
– @Cybil Mentally preparing for Dana’s atl invasion

5. Make sure you check your receipt prior to driving off in the economy lot.

6. Invite friends to brunch, realize they are all on Twitter! (Except for Mrs. @uvatexn)

7. Attempt to combat friend theft.
– @Namski09 @dpnation You ran away from me, now what am I suppose to do. @Cybil is a last resort! 🙂 haha! I can’t wait to hang out @Cybil!!!

8. Escape in the nick of time.

transition. time.

August 24, 2009

Aaaand the transition never ends. In addition to needing some key pieces of furniture, I also had to figure out the whole legality of my residency in a new state. I begrudgingly headed to hell on earth, aka the DMV, to attempt getting a new license, tags and title done in one fell swoop (it took me at least 3 tries in Virginia). Things didn’t look so promising when I arrived at the state offices 20 min early, with a good 15-20 people already in line. Shockingly enough, not only did I actually have all the necessary paperwork (CP, you will need – 1) auto insurance 2) tags 3) state inspection — in that order), but I also made it out with the best non-personalized license plates I could ever get! No, it’s not death car. Behold:



Although, I have another idea up my sleeve having to do with this, so stay tuned.

The first of many wedding-related events took place in North Carolina. Pig roast to celebrate the impending nuptials of big bro, but really a good excuse for the families (ie parents) to meet one another. It was a grand success, but then again, how could people not get along famously when feasting on 110 pounds of pig, hush puppies and jello shots? (not kidding, even my mom did one — she was probably trying to be polite).

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

110 pounds = a whole lotta bacon

Next up on the travel itinerary?That’s right! I have a few more weeks to work on my poker face and learn how to count cards. I will be refraining from using the cliche Las Vegas saying though.

And everything else in a nutshell:
– shopping for a new cross bike, turns out I picked out Gisele’s all on my own! In the meantime, I am borrowing a bike to try CX out.
– CP is moving here!
– I finally bought a couch. Welcome to adulthood.
– got the most epic flat tire 10 mi into an attempted century with an Ironman-in-training. 120psi to flat in a matter of seconds. So we patched the tire with a wrapper found on the side of the road, made it back to the bike shop, where I got some snazzy white-walled tires and Chuck ended up with neon green tires/tape and a squeeky sumo for his aero bars. We still managed to get 75 mi in and I got an Anna’s burrito while watching CD do hill climbs.
– I got an inflatable pool for my backyard. True story.
meet the cutest dog in the whole world. And yes, that XS BC dog sweater is from yours truly.

desert. dp.

July 7, 2009

Egypt! The days have been packed with sand, pyramids, camels named Lufthansa, and some hard time at the pool. Oh, and there’s a NikeWomen store in the building next door. Who knew that Africa in July would be such a success? My only complaint: no bacon. Yeah yeah, Muslim country.. they don’t know what they’re missing.

snowpacalypse in seattle

December 20, 2008

Christmas break in Seattle!

Obligatory Niketown shot. I stop in probably twice a week. Hey, it’s right across the street from my bus stop! Totally valid excuse.

Pre! Technically more of an Oregon thing, but I’ll take it. Also upcoming: roadtrip to Portland for another swooshtastic day with my favorite Tarheel. Actually, technically he might be second, after Tyler Hansbrough.

Busy at work.. Celebrity Salvation Army bell ringing. Basketball legend Sheryl Swoopes and Storm mascot Doppler ring it in. Check out Swoopes’ kicks!

Dusting off 8 years of basketball rust and playing on the Sonics/Storm practice courts.

Who said anything about rain and overcast weather? Snowpacalypse in Seattle! Seattle-ites are worse than Atlantans!

Oh, and Sue Bird has one sweet ride.

dana. wood.

October 24, 2008

Palm trees? Check.
Smog? Check.
Welcome to Los Angeles!

Just went from 30-some degrees to 80+. The Patagonia fleece will no longer be necessary.

And good lucks across to the Eastern Time zone, where The Twin is running the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend!

Run Twin Run!

It’s just like the NYC Half.. only twice.