eight. eight. eight.

August 8, 2008

Happy Olympics! Who doesn’t LOVE the fact that Ralph Lauren outfitted the athletes for the opening ceremony? (Okay, so that might be just me). HOT.

Prey Family Vacation, a brief history

Wed: delayed two hours getting out of NYC (so what else is new?) Fortunally, not seated next to the WORLDS FATTEST MAN ALIVE this time around. Delta, you are DEAD to me.

Thurs: got lost in a cornfield somewhere in Indiana en route to the lake. At first Garmin was blamed, until we realized that mom typed in the wrong address. Typical.

Fri: Water skiing: 0, DJP: 1. And now the current one miler fun run champ. So fast that they had me recreate my finish to take the proper photos (and I still finished ahead of 2nd place daddy-o).

Possibly a little too tan for my own good, if that’s possible. Face is a little burnt, which is what Skybil must feel like anytime her skin is exposed to sunlight.

Oh, and here’s to hoping that Skybil found Bernie, or that Bernie has found a more attentive pet owner..

Poor Brit:
DP: poor rach, is she okay since tex was traded?
Skybil: She hasn’t been able to talk about it yet

A couple weeks ago we got VIP tix to the Colbert Report. Stephen = God. It was like.. ghetto burgers for the soul. Check out the episode here. Also, check out this hilarious interview with Lucas Conley, a guy on how branding is ruining consumerism. Obviously I went out to buy the book cause it came in such a cool package (which totally defeats the purpose of his book, but oh well)..

thirteen. point 1.

June 2, 2008

Both The Twin and I just found out that we got entries into the New York City Half Marathon!

And you know who’s hosting it.. the Swoosh, of course. Which might make one wonder about a certain store in a certain city of residence for the summer that has yet to be checked off the list. Oh please, I was at the NYC Niketown within 24 hours of being in the city.

Let’s put this baby up on the big board:

Also, going on an impromptu roadtrip to DC this weekend. Where apparently we’re going running. Well, I suppose I do actually have training to do now..

home. coming.

February 20, 2008

Let the countdown officially begin.. two weeks til the ATL!

winter. wonderland.

January 13, 2008

See how productive my month off from school was:

New Years Roadtrip


November 11, 2007

Headed to the Kanc to climb up mountains by bike and foot, compliments of the BC Law kids (just consider me a zero-L).

BTW, the climb on the cycling ride was a 9% grade, which was only slightly more enjoyable than the mind/body numbing windchill on the descent at 20 degrees. COLD COLD COLD.

Majestic photo op #1 on the way to the summit on the hike.

View from the top! It only took us 2 hours to get up here. (That’s Mt. Washington with the snow)

Majestic shot #2 with my Legal Eagles/future in house councils.

road. trippin.

May 6, 2007

by far the best picture of the weekend:

I believe Cybil used to live here.

road/mountain. bike.

May 3, 2007

yes, I'm aware this is a dude but this is the first pic I could find of the event and I am lazy.

Off to Tennessee for the 3-State 3-Mountain Challenge!

Come experience one of the southeast’s most scenic and challenging centuries. The rigorous 100-mile option will take you through 3 states (Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia) and over 3 mountains (Suck Creek, Sand and Lookout).

Is it too ambitious to think I’ll be able to play kickball AND go out for Cinco de Mayo afterwards?