sphinxy. substitute.

August 11, 2011

While I’m too busy not blogging about my myself, it’s a good thing someone else IS!

Announcing my debut on NPR’s featured Tacky Tourist Photos blog!

Also to be mentioned, I’ll be appearing on the Pongr advertising blog thanks to my fascination of American brands in foreign countries. Will link when ready.

dark. days.

May 23, 2011

[Post also seen on Pedal Power Training’s blog]

It’s happened.

I’m not sure who I am anymore.

The die hard roadie just got herself a mountain bike??

Oh, but it sure is PRETTY.

Lord Kegasus

Meet Lord Kegasus, my new (to me) 2010 Trek Top Fuel 9.8. I’m still not sure what exactly I’ll be doing with it (probably riding/falling/crashing/flailing more than racing or showing any signs of competence), but hey maybe I’ll acquire some much desired steering skillz that have eluded me riding exclusively on the road.

Thanks to Uri for letting me borrow his extra Fisher for the last year and helping me commit to yet another financially zapping hobby.. disposable income is overrated, anyway.

And to all my mtb friends.. you may regret offering to teach me the ways of the dirt. It’s a good thing I have so many of you to burn through.

midweek. moodswing.

March 2, 2010

Is everyone having one of those weeks? If so, hop on the bandwagon. What’s with today, today?

Some things to lighten your mood..

The twin’s stuffed animals from China:

Texts from last night:

(501): I changed the name of my iPod to ‘The Titanic’ so when I plug it in it says ‘The Titanic is syncing.’

(215): is it bad that i have made the decision to never travel to vienna simply b/c of that transvestite that won the bachelor?

[More] Bachelor commentary:

“he’s going to pick the horse’s ass named after sausage instead of this adorable little doll?”



And if that’s not enough, three words:

Giant. Inflatable. Beavers.

Happy hump day, ya’ll.

practicing. p rey-garism.

February 9, 2010

So, anyone watching the new season of 24? If you have, you might have noticed an interesting storyline involving yours truly. No, I’m not moonlighting as a CTU agent in the Empire State. However, I did manage to get written into the storyline.

Let’s begin here:

Dana Walsh, CTU. Beginning with the obvious. But not only is her name Dana, she’s also a Senior Analyst at CTU. Sound familiar? Hey, me too!

We’re just getting started.

Wait a minute, Dana’s name is actually Jenny? Okay, we get it.. we look alike. TWINS!

Uh oh, this guy seems to have as much trouble telling Dana and Jenny apart as our mom does! Maybe it’s hereditary? No you say, it’s this dude having the name amnesia and not The Twins. Oh wait, did we mention that THIS GUY’S NAME IS KEVIN?!

Let’s recap:

So there’s this Senior Analyst named Dana, who also goes by Jenny, and she is harassed by a dude named Kevin. Yup, this sounds like my life story with a little government ineptitude.

Throw a little Sark in there, and you’ve got the best season of 24 EVER!

I should sue Fox for life infringement.

nation. nemesis.

December 8, 2009

From: Skybil
Subject: nationalism. this is war
Message: I have started a challenge blog to dpnation. You’re welcome.

photographic. proof.

June 4, 2009

For all those doubters out there (ahem, Skybil), here is some photographic proof of my master-dom.

Also, for my Dean’s award (see next post).. I hope this is like the Heisman, where people have to introduce me as ‘Dean Commended D ana P rey’ in all social situations.

What’s next on the path to world domination?

master. me.

May 21, 2009

That’s right! Please address me as ‘master’ from now on. The diploma is entirely in Latin, and my one year in 8th grade Latin class has proven not to be sufficient enough to translate the document. So really, it could just say ‘master of useless knowledge’ and nobody would know the difference.

Also, I can’t believe the time I win an [academic] award, the Dean forgets the list and as result did not announce the names.

Here’s the proof though. It’s legit, y’all.

Update: kylekinnaman http://twitpic.com/5o6lw – Something about seeing the #danahead above AA preggers ad makes me want to fire up the GIMP (formerly Photoshop).