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March 10, 2010

As an MBA with a specialization in informatics, I can only conclude that this is irrefutable proof that UVa is superior to Virginia Tech.. as we are worth more according to Lowe’s.

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December 1, 2009

Never a dull moment in Harrisonburg! Oh wait, are we talking about the Turkey Capital? The same place where Walmartin’ is a verb? So something indeed very exciting and slightly panicking happened while at home in the ‘burg for the Thanksgiving holidays. Contrary to popular belief, I was not cooking.

Turns out we had a suspected gas leak, so mother dearest called 911, and asked the operator specifically to NOT send trucks. So obviously she sent 4.

As they came blaring up our dead-end street, The Twin and I ran for cover, due to sheer mortification. The troops came in FULL gear (hats, oxygen tanks, masks, etc.) and rather disappointingly did not resemble anything that I had learned about firemen from the internets.

After it seemed improbable that the house was going to spontaneously combust from a gas leak, I took the opportunity to inquire if the firemen had slid down the pole for us. (No).

The house was eventually cleared by the firemen and gas guy. We are saved!!

NoVA. Nation.

September 6, 2009

Arlington, VA: Straight up gangsta. I’m packing heat and boat shoes.

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June 19, 2009

The Twins go to DC! Well, technically little J already lives there. The real reason for the trip was to try on bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming nuptials of Big Brother. Turns out, a bridal store like David’s Bridal was everything I dreamt it to be and more:

Average bridal customer

Average bridal customer

The worst part? We had to register our information since the bride didn’t have an account (got her dress elsewhere). Which means we inevitably are on 39473865 wedding mailing lists now, great! But on the bright side, the dresses were cute (& inexpensive), the wedding will be in Puerto Rico, and The Twin bought me a burrito afterward.

After the suburban scare known as Springfield, VA.. we headed off to Georgetown, where I was able to acquire my much-lusted after whale hat from Vineyard Vines!

For professional preps only

For professional preps only

First seen at the Head of the Charles last year, I had been on a mission to get one of my own. The VV store in Copley was giving them away to children last November (I was too mortified to ask for one), but finally I was able to procure one in Georgetown!

Afterwards, we headed back to The Twin’s abode in Columbia Heights, where there were presents for yours truly waiting:

Yes, that’s a WALL-E toothbrush, al paca figurine from Peru, and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!!

Next day: Nat’s game. Sorry to say to my beloved Bravos, Nationals Field is pretty much the nicest ballpark I’ve been to (although have not made it to the new Yankee Stadium). Even the recycling containers were awesome.

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nats Field

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nat's Field

The best part? The Presidents race, of course. Like sausages except our fearless leaders and not in Milwaukee.

Abe takes a huge lead

Abe takes a huge lead

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

But Abe doesnt seem to care

But Abe doesn't seem to care

After the game, the Presidents were out and about in the stadium. I got to say hello to GW.

George really liked my new Dooney

George really liked my new Dooney

And of course, the best president of them all..

Tommy J!

Tommy J!

And this is totally unrelated, but I really like this shirt:

Prey Twin weekend = success.

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October 7, 2008

As usual, it started as an innocent g-chat conversation.
[on registering to vote, the election in general, etc.]
Skybil: HUMPH!
DP: although voting in virginia is almost just as futile [as Georgia]
DP: and completely useless in mass
Skybil: Virginia is supposedly close
DP: they said that last election
DP: and it so wasn’t!
DP: i don’t think it’s ever been blue in the history of its existence
Skybil: You never know
DP: if VA goes blue, i am coming down and buying you u-fries

Skybil: Obama has a lead in Virginia
Skybil: I will be enjoying those U Fries!
Skybil: 51 to 39 percent
DP: holy crap. that’s a lot
Skybil: Uh huh
DP: i wonder if my absentee ballot counts for more
Skybil: They throw those out

Also, I live with a nark. You’re not supposed to defend Skybil.. not unless you want the cyber terrorism directed towards you instead..

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November 3, 2007

Boyfriend of the moment alert!

Chris Long, the son of Hall of Famer (and Villanova alum), Howie Long, and DE for UVA. Now the bigger question is, do I love him more than Heath Miller or Wali Lundy?

.. I might.

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July 23, 2007

Ross Copperman
Found You
Welcome to Reality