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June 19, 2009

The Twins go to DC! Well, technically little J already lives there. The real reason for the trip was to try on bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming nuptials of Big Brother. Turns out, a bridal store like David’s Bridal was everything I dreamt it to be and more:

Average bridal customer

Average bridal customer

The worst part? We had to register our information since the bride didn’t have an account (got her dress elsewhere). Which means we inevitably are on 39473865 wedding mailing lists now, great! But on the bright side, the dresses were cute (& inexpensive), the wedding will be in Puerto Rico, and The Twin bought me a burrito afterward.

After the suburban scare known as Springfield, VA.. we headed off to Georgetown, where I was able to acquire my much-lusted after whale hat from Vineyard Vines!

For professional preps only

For professional preps only

First seen at the Head of the Charles last year, I had been on a mission to get one of my own. The VV store in Copley was giving them away to children last November (I was too mortified to ask for one), but finally I was able to procure one in Georgetown!

Afterwards, we headed back to The Twin’s abode in Columbia Heights, where there were presents for yours truly waiting:

Yes, that’s a WALL-E toothbrush, al paca figurine from Peru, and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!!

Next day: Nat’s game. Sorry to say to my beloved Bravos, Nationals Field is pretty much the nicest ballpark I’ve been to (although have not made it to the new Yankee Stadium). Even the recycling containers were awesome.

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nats Field

The Twin demonstrates how to recycle at Nat's Field

The best part? The Presidents race, of course. Like sausages except our fearless leaders and not in Milwaukee.

Abe takes a huge lead

Abe takes a huge lead

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

But then stops to tear up a Mets sign

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

George, Tommy J and Teddy all take advantage

But Abe doesnt seem to care

But Abe doesn't seem to care

After the game, the Presidents were out and about in the stadium. I got to say hello to GW.

George really liked my new Dooney

George really liked my new Dooney

And of course, the best president of them all..

Tommy J!

Tommy J!

And this is totally unrelated, but I really like this shirt:

Prey Twin weekend = success.


May 31, 2007

Love Busted Tees.

hot off the press..

October 21, 2005

Show your support for America’s ethics posterchild, Tom DeLay, as he wages his Godly battle against a VICIOUSLY FACT-OBSESSED conspiracy indictment!

Get your very own Tom DeLay mugshot t-shirt!

Tom DeLay Mugshot : White House Gift Shop

thinning the closet..

April 27, 2005

In the spirit of my attempt to thin out my ever expansive wardrobe, addressing the tshirt issue is almost as difficult as giving up polo shirts.

Jim Caple: Make some room by following these 10 simple rules.

1. If it was a giveaway T-shirt and the sponsor’s name is larger than the team’s, throw it out.

2. If it’s a league championship T-shirt but your team wound up getting swept in the World Series, throw it out.

3. If there are so many yellowish sweat stains that it makes you look like you won the Tour de France, throw it out.

4. Use some discretion. Set a maximum of five shirts per college conference.

5. Show some restraint. If you already have a sweatshirt, cap or replica jersey from a particular college, toss the T-shirt. (Naturally, your alma mater is exempt.)

6. Only one T-shirt per Olympics. So make it a good one.

7. If your wife says, “Oh, I like that one. Can I wear it?”, immediately become suspicious and consider burning it.

8. If Mike Krzyzewski coaches the team, definitely burn it.

9. If you haven’t worn the T-shirt for more than 10 years, check the price on eBay and transfer it to your safe deposit box.

10. And finally, after five years, you can only keep one shirt from a championship season. Page 2 : Heaven is a T-shirt

your. retarded.

February 28, 2005



perhaps you recognize me from my world famous blog..

November 26, 2004


here’s a tool for blogging addicts out there. self promoting tshirts.