midweek. moodswing.

March 2, 2010

Is everyone having one of those weeks? If so, hop on the bandwagon. What’s with today, today?

Some things to lighten your mood..

The twin’s stuffed animals from China:

Texts from last night:

(501): I changed the name of my iPod to ‘The Titanic’ so when I plug it in it says ‘The Titanic is syncing.’

(215): is it bad that i have made the decision to never travel to vienna simply b/c of that transvestite that won the bachelor?

[More] Bachelor commentary:

“he’s going to pick the horse’s ass named after sausage instead of this adorable little doll?”



And if that’s not enough, three words:

Giant. Inflatable. Beavers.

Happy hump day, ya’ll.

practicing. p rey-garism.

February 9, 2010

So, anyone watching the new season of 24? If you have, you might have noticed an interesting storyline involving yours truly. No, I’m not moonlighting as a CTU agent in the Empire State. However, I did manage to get written into the storyline.

Let’s begin here:

Dana Walsh, CTU. Beginning with the obvious. But not only is her name Dana, she’s also a Senior Analyst at CTU. Sound familiar? Hey, me too!

We’re just getting started.

Wait a minute, Dana’s name is actually Jenny? Okay, we get it.. we look alike. TWINS!

Uh oh, this guy seems to have as much trouble telling Dana and Jenny apart as our mom does! Maybe it’s hereditary? No you say, it’s this dude having the name amnesia and not The Twins. Oh wait, did we mention that THIS GUY’S NAME IS KEVIN?!

Let’s recap:

So there’s this Senior Analyst named Dana, who also goes by Jenny, and she is harassed by a dude named Kevin. Yup, this sounds like my life story with a little government ineptitude.

Throw a little Sark in there, and you’ve got the best season of 24 EVER!

I should sue Fox for life infringement.

pursuing. patience.

November 22, 2008

[clearspring_widget title=”ABC Video Player” wid=”48bda4baaf82f1d1″ pid=”492885489c011ecf” width=”308″ height=”235″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

countdown to january 21! (coincidentally, the twin’s bday..)

fey. faceoff.

October 20, 2008

Tina Fey meets her match.. Sarah Palin (the real one) on SNL!

Palin also appears on Weekend Update. There’s quite possibly nothing funnier than a very pregnant Amy Pohler doing gangsta rap.
SNL – Weekend Update

all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up

political. partners.

September 14, 2008

Tina Fey (UVA alum) as Sarah Palin.. absolutely nails it!

Saturday Night Live – PalinĀ  / Hillary Open

dwight. day.

July 17, 2008

Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight K. Schrute from The Office, was at CNN today! The Brit hostilely made me submit an iReport, which quickly became a monster in the newsroom. Behold:

Email from The Brit:
Subject: I don’t see a submission from your Dwight bobblehead yet

So like the good obedient child that I am, I put together my very first iReport:

Next email from The Brit:
The iReport team are complaining that you didn’t send video…

Comments from inside the building, useful suggestion at end.

DW: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-46990
The Brit:
I made her send it!
The Brit:
and have berated her for it not being video
Thank you, saves me from having to do it.
I’m betting not first time she’s gotten berated for “doesn’t follow directions.”
it’s gotten 56 hits in 14 minutes.
The Brit:
really? oh lord, she’ll be insufferable. But 50 of those prob from inside here
DW: i don’t know how the click counts work internally. she didn’t even have her picture in her profile. i’m pretty sure some of our users get additional clicks because of picture they choose
The Brit: it’s her first submission, bless her
i’m just saying. she’s got her logo. i’m estimating that picture of female is good for at least a 10% increase in clicks. more if they’re cute.

More, via IM:
The Brit: … But I have created a whole new audience for dpnation …
DP: i just changed my profile pic
The Brit: a man wandering past my cube says “that’ll work”

And somewhere out of this, I think got hitched:
y++: breaking news!
y++: Deeps is now my gf
Skybil: WOW!!
y++: yes
Skybil: Let me start spreading rumors …
y++: fictional, perhaps, but where’s the line these days
y++: yes yes, she’s my gf
Skybil: True. Lots of relationships are based on fiction!
y++: entirely
Skybil: Indeed

DW comes through on my iReport, clears for on air usage!

DW: “I’ll make an exception and vet this one.”

Q&A between DW and DP (required for iReports used on CNN):
Did you take the picture? — YES and those are my bobbles (Teixiera is a gift from the Brit herself)
What kind of camera did you use? — iPhone, hence why the picture quality is so awful
Where do you live? NYC
What do you do? MBA/online celebrity/bacon enthusiast
Are you over 18? pretty sure, yes.

They begin to realize they’ve created a monster:
Skybil: You’ve made Dana insufferable!!
Skybil: I blame you
DW: made?
Skybil: Good point

Going live in 3.. 2..
The Brit: make sure you watch this thing on dotcom live
The Brit: there may be a surprise for you

Wes’ brush with fame and 20/20 hindsight:
Wes: OMG OMG I just got to shake dwight schrute’s hand
Wes: he even talked to me
Wes: bet you’re regretting business school now

Dwight signing T’s [exercise] ball.

See Dwight head to the weather center and do the forecast for CNN. Unsure of what he did to Chad Myers, the regular weather guy.

m++’s ultimate plan:
m++: skybil has given me a strategy on how to get you down here
m++: deeps, your hair looks terrible, you need to visit your stylist here
[he may be onto something here..]

my. better.

March 12, 2008

New Nike spot.. best yet?

Thanks to J, for ‘encouraging’ me to watch American Idol tonite for its debut.

PS — like the music? It’s Saul Williams. But don’t give iTunes your money.. You can download the whole album off his website for five bucks.